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Can someone please shut down Al Baconeera here in the U.S.
Mccain is either going senile or he is so far up Ofoodstamp's rear that Mccain is thinking that the scuzzlim lifestyle may be for him also.
The one thing this paedophile got right was calling us "Mighty Americans".If you are reading this you bottom feeder,then please come to America preferably the south & you & your cross dressing brethren start spouting that nonsense & try to intimidate us & we will give you a "California Smile"(it is when you open up their mouth's against a curb & stomp on their heads).
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2013 on "As A British Muslim ..... " at Atlas Shrugs
Islam is nothing more than a paedophile worshipping cult of foul smelling deviants.Their Qu'rans are to be used for target practice,feeding to pigs & wiping after using the toilet.If muslims have a problem with free speech then let them go back to the septic tanks of countries from which they came.If Americans here in the U.S.A have converted,then you are nothing more than traitous scum.How's that for free speech ;).
Japan has the right idea keeping the muslim filth out of it's country.It's too bad that the rest of the world has blinders on to this scourge that has crept into our societies.Outside of the Middle East no country should accept these paedophile worshippers.
What a true disgrace but muslims are nothing more than mental rejects.Hurl excrement at their mosques(the smell is the same inside)& fill their halal food section at the supermarket w/pork & female hygiene products.MUSLIMS GO HOME you are worth less than what is left at the bottom of a toilet.
Who this piece of filth is is a cowardly bottom feeder who should be put to death along with the rest of his dress wearing excrement.The soldier he murdered on the other hand was a brave man who served his country only to be killed by the enemy when he returned.You filthy muslims need to get out of freedom loving countries & back to your ignorant stone age hell holes
Mohammed was a tranny,Allah was the the 1st president of NAMBLA.Islam is nothing more than a cult of sub human paedophile worshipping piles of excrement.Go back to your 3rd world & enjoy your stone age way of life.Islam sucks & swallows.Molon Labe.
The British government should be ashamed of themselves for letting this continuation of these sub human camel banging muslim scum to keep spreading their hate & 7th century values on Great Britain.May this brave young soldier rest in peace & to all of you muslim filth your so called martyrs aren't in paradise,they are in hell being raped by pigs.
To:ThisObamaNation,I should have clarified my remarks earlier.What I should have included also was that,let them riot in the ghettos.In the Rodney King incident they only tore up their own hell holes although I did have sympathy for the shop keepers.But if they were to start to move onto the the more rural areas here they will be met with problems that they cannot get out of.Remember folks Allah & Mohammed were male prostitutes
Sweden was a beautiful country & now it is being destroyed by the disease known as islam.Those who are able bodied should start taking your country back from these paedophile worshipping piles of excrement.I understand that we have a problem here in America with the same filth but if they or the welfare crowd try to pull that nonsense here then they will be dealt with quickly.
The British people need to arm themselves,their government loves to coddle the islamic garbage.Here in America in states that have conceal or open carry permits these dress wearing deviants will meet Allah(may pigs defecate on him eternally)if they so much as raise one of their dainty little paws.
Toggle Commented May 24, 2013 on Enough already! at Atlas Shrugs
Forgive me if I already posted this.Our governments have failed us by allowing these muslim pigs(my sincere apologies to pigs worldwide).It will be up to us as a people to take care of this ourselves.Treat these paedophile worshipping subhumans with the same hate they have for us.Molon Labe
This traitorus scuzzlimah is an embarassment to America for marrying the scuzzlim filth.Revoke her citizenship & send this piece of filth to live in Chechyna with the rest of her dead husband's tribe.
Come on over to America Mahmoud Khalil & bring your dress wearing,paedophile worshipping playmates with you so we can show you some good ol'southern hospitality.None of you filth have the guts to talk to a red blooded American to his or her face like that.
The politicians in Great Britain have lost their minds.My sympathies go out to those in the U.K.who have to deal with the nonsense of the foul stench of islam.We over here in America understand what you are dealing with.Islam is nothing more than a disease that has already claimed those on the left.Those of us who are still standing have to stand firm against it.On your feet or on your knees(we already see where the left are).
Gov.Perry is bought & paid for like every other politician from the Saudis or any muslim filth.If at all possible children should be home schooled or at the very least have an open dialogue with your childen about what they are learning in school.For the most part public school teachers lean left with a bad case of bleeding heart syndrome.
I commend Captain Fields for standing by his convictions.This judge is behaving like a lot of elected officials here in a short time what will be called The New Middle East.It's time for America to wake up or become slaves to Sharia.
Gleaner1,That's sounds funny about the running off w/their shoes.I'll pass that info to some friends here in Tennessee.I don't see these paedophile worshippers chasing down any of these boys.
Truly only savages would embrace something as repulsive as FGM.I wonder how many of these dress wearing(cross dressing is more like it)camel lovers would try to have that done to any woman in a western country.All that they use their women for is for factories to fill up suicide vests.They spend so much time around all of their jihad buddies,they just get their loving at the mosques,go home & beat their wives & then go back outside to their camels.
Zeid I'm doin great.I have no use for muslims as they are the greatest threat to freedom everywhere in the civilized world.I'm fine being called a racist(words only hurt the weak).It seems that you & a few others get mad at the comments on this board.If the ar problematic for you guys,then why not just go on whatever jihadi websites there may be.I'm an infidel & proud of it.I don't get mad at movies that portray my religion(none but not an atheist either)in a negative light.but muslims act like petulant little children everytime someone says something they don't like.Plus these guys wher dresses & hang out with too many other men,to me that is just disturbing.Also do muslims get discounts on the Quran by the case as they can get costly when they get tore up.
Zeid how you doin buddy,Islam = A cult that Charles Manson would be proud to embrace,Quran = A paedophile's encylopedia on filth(plus they are great for target practice).Also I would like to think that I am not offending Ms.Gellar with the talk of pork products as I have lunch with friends who are Jewish as is my best friend & they aren't offended by it.
Want to have some fun.Next time going to a grocery store that has a halal(muslim) section,place bacon all over the items or any other great tasting pork product that you can find ;)
How about wrapping a crown of thorns made of bacon around this sub human filthy muslim & then shove him under a train.Do not waste tax payer money on this diseased thing.
Islam is a vile disease that is uncurable & dangerous to those with weak minds.It says it is the religion of peace bu they seem to have that word confused with piece as they enjoy strapping bombs to themselves(trust me the world won't miss you)& blowing their worthless sub human bodies to said pieces.Pamela Gellar & AFDI keep up the great work that you do.