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Wil, thanks for being awesome. I fully support the bigoted jerk his right to spend his millions on whatever cause he likes, and to openly declare it as he chooses, but I won't be eating at CFA. I think it's a shame that he has such hate for GLBT that he spends this kind of money on fighting our right to marry each other -- something that is, generally speaking, born of love -- rather than on something a little less BIGOTED like maybe feeding the hungry or curing the sick or whatever. But hey, it's a free country and he made the money himself, so I have no control over what he chooses to do with it. Do I investigate every single business I frequent? No. But if I do know this kind of information about a business, I don't spend my money there, just like if I find out that someone I know (and maybe even like) is a bigoted jerk, I don't hang out with them anymore. So a bunch of teabaggers, wackos and bigots (and apparently some people who don't mind supporting hate while they uphold freedom of speech, if a reportedly delicious chicken sandwich is involved) flocked to CFA for a few days. Big deal. The furor will die down and these morons will stop driving out of their way to get their lunches at CFA. Meanwhile, a whole bunch of GLBT folks and supporters of same have been educated as to this hate-mongering fool's opinions and will NEVER eat there. I'm okay with that. Eight years ago I was taken to the ER in an ambulance. I specifically instructed the 911 operator to tell my partner where to find me. They left her a voicemail asking her to call. She did, and a different operator answered -- and wouldn't tell her where I was. Why? Because we are not allowed to marry. She wasn't considered a relative. I sat alone in the ER for hours while she tried to find me. She was terrified -- there was blood everywhere in the house. This is how we should treat one another? So eat your damn sandwiches and spew your damn hate, by all means, in your constitutionally protected way, but as for me and mine, we will eat elsewhere.
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Aug 11, 2012