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John Q
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Hmmm...he's 6'2 and 312lbs. Had good stats in college until his "charactor problems" got in the way. Why not give the kid try. Worse comes to worse we dump him. It ain't like he's costing us a fortune and who knows? Marinelle may make pro-bowler of him. Just look at Selvie, he's having a pro-bowl year.
Translated: Austin is on the trading block and Detroit needs a #2 guy to play opposite Megatron. (hint, hint)
May their souls rest in peace. Best wishes to the Adams and Phillips families on the loss of their loved ones.
Anthony who???? Selvie done made that loser expendable....ta ta loser
Heath earned his spot no doubt but Johnson is a B-U-S-T bust.
As thin as we are on the D-line I hate to see Lissemore go but if Jones and Bosworth can help shore up our porous special teams play then it'll be worth it.
Read between the lines folks...Ratliff's over and done. Instead of PUP he should be cut and gone. His stats have decline steadily over the last 5 years. He's not going to play at a high level when and if he returns. He will be just another journeyman..
Love Rat to death. He's been a great player for us for many years but it's time for him to retire and call it a career. Forget the PUP and cut him.
Arivaderchi Matt "Glass" Johnson. Your bench warming days in Big D are about over.
Hey DeMarco....there was another coach in Dallas who cut his running back on Monday for fumbling the ball during the game the previous Sunday...Maybe Garrett needs to get back to that mentality.
Enjoy this last pre-season game bench warmer. Your time is up and the un-employment line is waiting
KYLE ORTON SUCKS!!!! He's been a loser for every team he's been on. Guess that's why JJ wants him on the Cowboys.
Jerry should be in the hall of fame. Right there next to the toilet in the men's room next to his buddy Al Davis..........
Yeah, Yeah, talk up Tanner all you want but he's gone after training camp. Kendial Lawrence is probably practice squad material. Murray, Randall and Dunbar will be the RB's. Right now our biggest concern should be the #2 QB. Orton is a game loser. Repeat, ORTON is a game loser. He's lost with every team he's played for. We need a quality back up ASAP.
Why bring in these two bums to be camp fodder when they could have used the roster spots to bring in a couple of the vets who were cut at a decent price? Anderson and Abraham come to mind. Crawford is out for the year and the others on the roster are 3 string backups at best. Why wait? Better pick one or both of them up now before injuries cause someone else to beat us to them.
You would think they'd bring in some offensive and defensive linemen to work out. They've already got roster full of WR and Orton's already locked at backup QB.
Are you serious?? Resigning Eric Frampton is D-U-M-B dumb. He was released for a reason...He sucked last year. Better they attempted to sign free agent OT Jared Gaither. He'd be an instant upgrade to Free and he can also play LT if Smith goes down. As it is Free is the only backup to Smith on the Roster.
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2013 on Cowboys sign Eric Frampton at Cowboys Corner
Stephen you're just as moronic as your daddy. Felix was a bust and don't tell me you don't have any regrets about not signing Johnson, Rice, Charles, or Forte when we could have had them. They did more in one year than Felix did in 5.
Your parents are right B.J. It is graduation before football. What you learn stays with you all of your life. Football only lasts a short time. Far too many college players go for the gold (the money) and forget to complete their education. When you walk up on that stage and get your sheepskin be sure to stand tall and proud.
Let me put in black and white for you then Free my man. Take the &^%$ pay cut or go stand in the unemployment line with the rest of the losers and also rans.
Yaawwnnn.......another nobody for training camp
Toggle Commented May 8, 2013 on Cowboys sign QB Aaron Corp at Cowboys Corner
Much rather the Cowboys had invited a couple of offensive or defensive linemen to participate in the mini camp. You know, guards, tackles, ends....something we're kinda short of right now..
OMG people. Stop beating the dead horse. The draft is over so no amount of hind sight or "what ifs" is going to change a thing. Now lets concentrate on the replacement for Free at RT.
Alright, enough harpin' on the draft. It's over and done with. Now lets concentrate on what to do with Free. Keep him as a guard or cut him. We need a RT and that position was not addressed with the draft so I'm hoping you have a plan for either a free agent or off waivers.