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I love hearing about other people being successful at writing when they've got an idea in their heads. I've had a couple stuck in my head for years and I may have even written an outline for one, but ideas keep coming at times when I have to be responsible for doing something else and by the time I can get to a recorder or computer they are gone. I liken this to the difference between people who are supposed to write for a living and people who like stories. Can't wait to see how you go about bringing it to fruition. :)
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Can't you make a sign that says something like "In a perfect world, I'd love to spend some up close and personal time with my fans. Unfortunately, if I do I won't be able to make it to the NEXT Con as I will be out sick. Please help me keep myself available to ALL my fans by choosing a healthy perimeter (think moat!). The people with tickets to the next Con thank you. :)" or something equally as instructional as you ARE the king of witty repartee. I've never been to a Con and I just found your blog so I would never have known this was a problem for you. Then I would have felt horrible for assuming it was ok. I have CFS, so I feel ya. I shop at the WalMart at 3:00AM just so I can get around with the fewest amount of people around as possible. :)
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Aug 14, 2012