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michigan man
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keep speaking out tommy,the truth will are a true have my support from america.keep the faith.never say die and never give up as i know you won' have many supporters and two of our best will be there soon.god bless and god rest british lion lee rigby and his family.
appropriate song.the land of my grandparents is in peril and the "zombies of death" are the biggest reason why.there is hope with tommy,kevin and the EDL.may pamela and robert be granted entry to speak the truth to the real english people who are under siege once again by foreign fascist invaders intent on destroying a great culture.
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2013 on London Calling on an Open Thread at Atlas Shrugs
the senate and house have sold "we the people" down the river and are as well responsible for allowing this to continue when they should have put a stop to it by holding treason and impeachment hearings into this administrations actions.despicable behavior by all of them.god protect our brave women and men in the services.
portrait of a traitor
portrait of a traitor