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(Rhino!) CBPO Jon A Underwood, CBP, Ret.
Yuma, Arizona
Eagle Class of 1975, Marine, Soldier (MP), Retired Federal Officer, (US Customs and Border Protection (CBP)), VFW Post Commander - from the glorious City of Yuma, Arizona, Hubby, Father and loving Son, in short: Give a Damn Guy!
Interests: Truth, Justice and the American way! Give a damn about what is important and then not sweating the small stuff. Firearms, Freedom and the Second Amendment. Finding new National leadership on November 6th, 2012. Providing for my Family and helping my community when I can.
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I have to say this.... The democrats will never give in and will never give up about the following: Big GOV, Socialized Medicine, Gun control/confiscation, Government paid Abortion and open borders/amnesty. So, with this an absolute fact... why are Republicans trying to be anything like the Democrats?
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I think that at the last minute, someone pulled back too hard on the yoke and that is what changed the attitude of the plane, forcing the nose up and the tail down.... if the yoke had not been pulled back, the wheels would most likely touched down normally.... Now, the plane was far too low and was going far to slow to cause the plane to be far too close to the breakwater. Just my opinion and the best aviation investigation teams in the word will determine the facts.
I hate to say this, but: George Zimmerman will be convicted of something.... "Looking cross eyed at a passing dog" or anything that the jurors will "feel" comfortable with, so they can sleep at night, especially when if he is exonerated, the riot that will follow nation wide..... Animals, Opportunists and criminals will be the ones involved... In public spaces, not white communities.
First, with all demoncrat administrations, terror is a crime, never an act of war, This is my opinion: If the person is not a US Citizen, he is a combatant tried in a military hearing. No rights. If the person is a US Citizen, captured here in the US, he should be held here as a combatant, for 30 days, suck the data from then try him in us courts. In Federal courts.
Hear Hear!!!
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2013 on Boston Marathon Explosions at Right Truth
Thank G-od that these terrorists are generally stupid, or we have been very lucky... If the Boston attacks had been done 2 hours earlier.... If the 9/11 terrorists had struck the twin towers just 20 floors lower... The fact that Senator Feinstein actually said it was a terror attack? OMG! But like I said, YOU KNOW the right will be blamed sooner or later, you just know it! Because did not Mr. Obama say that Al Queada was decimated? Cant be them, SuperBama had stopped them, they have no influence anywhere in the world, right?
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2013 on Boston Marathon Explosions at Right Truth
This Animal is a result of 40 years of state sponsored murder of little babies, and don't believe that he's the only one! Remember the representative of Planned Parenthood that was testifying before congress, and did not say that a surviving child would receive "immediate life saving" treatment? This mentality is not new or singular to this event, no way! I am sure that these type of things have happened long ago and nothing was done because the socialist agenda and democrat ideology is far more important than the lives of people.... 50 million babies are gone and now we are letting illegal aliens enter for cheap labor? Why would we do this to ourselves? You can bet your "Dupa" that it part of an overall plan, no doubt! And it goes on and on.... Where in the US has there ever been a vote to allow the murder, such as this, of little children? Does the phrase, "It's easier to get absolution that permission to do something" come to mind? This is a true shame that this would even enter our minds as a people to allow this.... Pray people pray!
I knew that McCain was a closet lib, but Flake? I have to say that those two stooges need to go, and everyone of those Republicans that bent over to the Kiss my ass club are scum Sir, Scum! True Republicans have a long memory, so you better make sure your retirements are set in stone, because your time is coming....
I am sorry but any vote to limit Americans access to their 2nd Amendment right, just as any other right, is not constitutional. There is a way to change the US Constitution, it has been done 27 times and we can do it, if, the political party, in this case the Democrats had the backing for the change... which the democrats know, THEY DO NOT!, that is why they are trying to create laws to effectively change access to the right to keep and bear arms. Without a lawful change to the Constitution, it is unlawful and unconstitutional. Now, on the topic of background checks, I dont have a problem with people at a gun show, walking over to a firearms dealer and have them run the same check that they would for one of their customers, for a fee, say $35.00 paid by the person needing the background check. Any requirements to have a Son go to a firearms dealer to have a check so His Father can give him his pistol, wrong answer. Any requirements to have all weapons turned over to police when a person dies or through A corporate transfer to family members, no way! Family has already complied with the law in this instance. Wrong answer. Any creation of a National Firearms Registry, wrong answer. We just has a mass attack using a box cutter, where is the outrage? Where is the demand for a ban on all knives or box cutters? It ain't coming because it does not coincide with the goals of Liberals, Socialists and Communists in this county: TO DISARM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, TO PLACE ALL WEAPONS IN THE HANDS OF THE POLICE AND THE MILITARY, CREATING A POLICE STATE! What ever the Senate comes up with, it will be voted down. And if it is not, the House will send it down the road soundly whipped!
Animals are as Animals do... time to come home and build our country for Americans... Blood and Treasure has been paid in full over there, if it aint worked by now, it wont. Money can be printed but our warriors can not. No more green on Blue attacks!
By Golly, Ducky's here, Well, Well, another Socialist looking to have all the answers provided for them by their Party leadership and someone who does not discuss the issue at hand, but makes personal attacks with not a way to defend their position. What a shock that a Socialist would behave in such a manner. You are right, I am, by any definition, fat, and yes, I do depend on my lawfully earned income based upon my over 30 years service to the people of the United States, Great Britain, West Germany, Macedonia, Kosovo, Korea, and the Kingdom of Malaysia. As to the 2nd Amendment, and my possession of firearms, No apology here. You and your ilk will never disarm and then control the American people, you and your ilk will never turn our great Republic into the Police State that you want, so Pound Sand, Kick rocks and move on because you and your ilk will never subjugate the American people. As a veteran, I have earned everything I receive based upon the financial systems that all Americans have been required to feed our hard earned money into. I have no doubt that every penny I get from my service, both Military and Civilian, has been well earned. As a proud retired Customs and Border Protection Officer, I have far more experience on the legal and illegal immigration situation than most. I worked as a CBP Officer, the southern border of the United States, and 2 overseas assignments, for over 17 years and dealt with every nationality south of the US Border and from most nationalities from all over the world. The mass majority were legal, authorized and when documented to do so, entered the US, mostly at 1 AM in the morning, to be lawful, hardworking, persons earning a legal wage and not being a bother to anyone. In my experience, 95% of persons are good people deserving of respect and dignity. Regarding the other 5%, to include your Illegal Alien buddies, I personally, had over 150 Felony arrests and seizures of everything that would hurt our citizens and children. I sent over 200 criminals to jail, seized over 120 vehicles, and sent over 1000 illegal Aliens to where ever they deserve to go, and I wish that I could have sent thousands more. I also know that our nation is paying billions of dollars, nationwide, every state included, to deal with the question of illegal Aliens, criminals all! The US Taxpayer is not responsible for the economic and political systems of other nations, and, to support fleeing the oppression on their citizens. I can say this since an illegal Aliens first act at a better life...and it will be a better life, is to disrespect every American, commit a criminal act by entering this country without legal authority to do so. Their children are not criminals and should be afforded a chance at US Citizenship, once earned through legal means, not some Presidential Executive Order but through a legal process, not amnesty. Illegal Aliens suck off our financial systems and cause virtually every hospital in this nation to lose money every month by covering the costs of illegal aliens by overcharging American Citizens and their insurance companies as well as Legal residents, and presumably you as well. Additionally, FBI Statistics prove that on the national average over 50% of prisons and county jails are filled with illegal alien criminals, not American, that Both Democrat and Republican administrations have allowed to enter our Nation for over 30 years, to maim, rape, murder, push narcotics and drive drunk, murdering thousands of drivers and their passengers, just going somewhere to live their lives. 60% of illegal Aliens suck off the government of our limited benefits, they did not earn in any way, shape or form, defraud the American people through criminal tax refund crimes. These are facts and I know because I faced that and armed drug traffickers, child molesters, armed felons, Human, drug and arms smugglers, both northbound and southbound, rapists and many other persons not walking around today, in my community because of my fellow Officers and my direct involvement, earning every penny we earned, every day. Just to let you know, I would not be as Fat as you correctly state, if I had not been injured and then forced to medically retire, because I responded to the cry's of a 16 year old girl being dragged into Mexico, by her hair. I have no regrets and nothing to be ashamed of. Now that you have won your comment war, following your socialist party line, instead of responsibly adding to the topic of this "rant" of mine, be happy and chive on!
12. Illegal Immigrant (II)
10. Undocumented Democrat 11. Future Union Member (FUM)
6. Foreign Invader 7. Criminal 8. Fifth Columnist 9. Future President
During the Campaign in 2012, Gov Romney needed to say this: Should I be entrusted with the confidence of our Citizens of the United States in this election, the following action shall be accomplished: The Armed Forces members that were wounded and killed during the period between 2003 onward, within the United States, will be awarded their proper recognition: Purple Hearts and Combat action badges for their sacrifice and suffering as victims of the War on Terrorism. This shall be my first order issued as the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States of America. Additionally, They, or their surviving family members, will receive their awards at the White House, awarded by my hand, on January 21st, 2013, at 1730 hours and shall also be the guests of the President and First lady of the United States, in a formal dinner setting at the White House, starting at 1900hrs that night. He should have stood up for what is right, one of the many problems with the Republicans in the last 2 elections.
So True, So True!
Deb, Don't get me wrong, being a Federal Officer is hard enough and especially when you are facing a new car or passenger/traveler ever minute or so. The clothes you wear are really of no consequence as long as they are professional looking, cool when its hot and hot when its cool... The bureaucracy of the federal government, just in the Department of Homeland Security, is hard enough to understand, but some of the basic decisions made, make no sense and getting your uniforms from an unsecured source is one of many! I have been retired almost five years, and If I could physically, I would be back at 0600, tomorrow! Getting to speak with people in a foreign language, take their drugs and throw them in jail, to include seizing their cars, made a fine day for me... Something I can no longer do, yet I enjoyed it all the same. I learned many things, but I learned the mass majority of the Mexican people are hard working people and they hate, yes hate, those that jumped the fence and did not follow the law to get in.
Nate, I agree, if the Republicans put into the race someone that has "Earned" it, and we lose, we, as a party, are done. But There are times, and this is one of them, knowing what we know now, to repeal this sucker, its laws, guidelines and every single rule and regulation associated with it, and then sit down and discuss this logically and with deliberate planning. Also, create a law, that says simply, the following: No law can be passed by The House, The Senate and the President from one single party. Having one party passing laws is not a good thing, Republican or Democrat... I would not consider that something a Democratic Republic would want. We have to work together, as long as one does not violate ones principles and values...
As you may know I am retired from CBP. We have known that our uniforms have been made by R&R and now VF and they have been making our uniforms in Mexico for years. Yes, I know, they should be made here in the US and in a controlled facility so no one can get their mits on them. When you are a Officer, you get your basic issue at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center or FLETC, any new uniforms, you have to get them via a limited access web site and it has controls from the Service, to the web site to the Officer, control wise, everything at that level is quite kosher! But, who's to stop the cartels to get someone on the hook at the Mexican factory that makes our uniforms to supply ever thing we own? Nothing that's what! Old story and no one cares, and if you do, like anything else, your told to keep your yapper shut, and if you dont... well we all know what happens then, sooner or later, something happens and your gone! That, is an old story too!
Clearly with all the defections going on, it is a civil war. It is also tribal and this has been coming for some time. If it was all Syrian, I say let them have at it. Clearly, it is not a solely Syrian action. How can we support these guys? After all the blood and treasure, how?
My Wife and I saw the movie last night... I thought is was a good movie in general and an entertaining time all around. Well worth the ticket... Of course, having the passwords after being removed from the POTUS protection team, after 18 months, is a complete non-starter and nonsensical to anyone that has been in a position of controlled, key pad access. This idea of 3 passwords to override, every missile of our ICBM's, nationwide, does not seem to me to be credible or the ability to set off every one of our ICBM's in place. The fact that the US would even consider removing an entire fleet and 30,000 or so US Troops from Korea, REGARDLESS of who's life is at stake... would be complete BS. The Hero in the Movie, would most likely go in and if needs be, prevent the final password from being dragged out of the President, preventing the supposed destruction of the entire United States. In this case it was a password run off that determined the final password anyway.... And I already know it's coming, when you are having to deal with so many threats, you dont leave your enemy capable to anything... so when PETA or some ASIAN civil rights organization starts to complain about the merciless disregard for human life, too bad! Damn! it's a Movie and an entertaining one...
TSA Inspectors or Officers, what ever they call them selves, are not, trained US Federal Officers through the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center or FLETC. By allowing the Saudi's free access is just allowing them and their ilk, and yes I said that, their ilk, to do again, what they did on 9/11 and the first time to the WTC. But, do you really expect anything less, than that from an apostate Muslim? and now an undeclared Muslim now running the CIA? WE Voted for Mr. Obama and we will have to deal with the consequences...
RJ- Not sure about the devil thing, I am sure that he has a mental problem without a question. Was his act influenced by the Devil and his evil ways, I have no doubt. I would suggest that you take his Highness out of segregation and allow him into genpop and see how his fellow Muslims will treat him... He will be in lock up, either mental and normal prison for the rest off his life... He deserves much more and we should pay far less for his payment of the incident.
I am sorry about anyone that is being killed in Syria, but the videos that are flying around are not caused by a Chem attack... Chem attacks are devastating on a large scale and the injuries are quite visible and would not show any question that the injuries are chem related... Someone, the Syrian government or the Free Syrian Army (FSA) or others fighting for a change in Syria, are playing for the free world to enter into an active combat part in Syria... We can not be manipulated into the loss of more American Blood and Treasure in the Middle East without real proof... Chem attacks that are real chem attacks will be quite visible and without question.
The republicans have a serious problem... That is: They are under the belief that when you are in the party for decades, you have earned "your turn" at running for President. The term "Old and Busted" from "Men in Black" comes to mind. We dont need to move our positions in the direction of the democrats, we need to force the democrats to come more toward our position. The position of our founding fathers, less government, more get off your ass and get a job, make getting a job a requirement so not one sits on their ass for 99 weeks. More freedom, less government involvement, unless something is criminal or dangerous... These are tough things to say, and I say this knowing my wife has been unemployed for 16 months... Yuma, Arizona has the highest unemployment in the nation on a routine basis...