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Just a heads up, but looks like a firmware update increases the battery life a lot. Anand tested it and the battery life in the web browsing test increased 25% to 8.33 hours and the video playback test increased 16% to 6.65 hours. Not mind-blowing but nice improvement anyway. Article at
@Robert Sullivan: I would not give much credence to Nielsen's conclusions. He was negative on the Kindle Fire: And on the iPad: And have you actually browsed his site *shudder* Lastly, I hope I don't come accross as confrontational by asking this, but have you used Windows 8 or RT yourself? It's fine if after giving yourself a fair chance to get used to the new interface that you still don't like it, but at least you didn't rely on others' (often agenda driven) comments to make your tech purchase decisions for you.
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2012 on Touch Laptops at Coding Horror
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Sep 27, 2012