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Western Canadian
Western Canada
Student of military history, politics, environment
Interests: Study of politics, especially in countries that will have short or long term impact on my own. Military tech and history, information tech.
Recent Activity
“Trust me, I am an anti-theist right across the board, but you simply cannot compare the threat to civilization represented by Islam, with the problems of other religions. I like it when the Westboro Baptist Church acts up, because they are an exquisite demonstration of the problems that still reside in Christianity.” If you are able to even suggest that the WBC is actually Christian in any way shape or form, you have either no idea of what Christianity is, or none of what the WBC is…. Or both. Such a statement shreds any notion of credibility on your part. They are closer to islamic than to Christian in belief and behaviour. “ However Christianity has been quite dramatically reformed by western culture, secular science, and populations; and thus,” Actually, science (secular science??? Amusing and meaningless phrase.) has achieved it’s highest levels in the nations/cultures that are Jewish/Christian in origin. Some of the most brilliant scientific minds in history, were devout Christians and Jews. It would be more accurate to suggest that society has been reformed by Christianity. “they are nevertheless still annoying, but many orders of magnitude more toward benignity that is Islam.” Yes, they are almost as annoying as atheists or anti-theists. I am neither, nor am I a Christian.
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Oct 13, 2012