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Hello, I found this to be a very eye-opening post that dives just a bit deeper than many of the other Microsoft Surface RT blogs I have read. As a current computer science student, it’s interesting to see ideas in the technological community like yours weigh a new product’s impacts on technology and users. At first I was interested to see the struggle companies have had through the plethora of sizes of phones, tablets, and laptops. Yet when you said “reviewers think Surface is intended to be a tablet killer, but it isn't. It's a laptop killer,” I realized that it’s a whole new type of competition. For the past 30+ years, users have revolved around the technology: going TO the desktop to type something, going TO the TV to switch channels. Now technology is revolving around us; our phones and tablets and even our 3G internet/wifi follow us around during the day. As you have said in your other posts, laptops simply don’t offer the lightweight, portable, touch-interactive solution that our tablets do. Even though the Microsoft Surface may be a glimpse into the future, I would say the tablet needs to improve a lot more before making a lasting impact. I saw that throughout your post, you talked a lot about the hardware of the Surface. I agree that this hardware may very well propel Microsoft into the future, but what are your thoughts about the software itself? Do you believe that Win8 is some sort of “Frankenstein” system that needs to catch up to the hardware? Yes, the Surface may create the ability to have an amazing fusion between touching and typing, but is the software really ready for it? When I used Windows 8 on tablets, I found that it was painstakingly difficult to touch small buttons in corners and menus because they were artifacts of the days of their mouse-based OS. In the same way, I still see the same possible problem with the keyboard. The fact that Microsoft still included their keyboard shows that their OS (as well as many others) may be in a phase of the already but not yet; technology is not advanced enough to transfer our multidimensional words and ideas into bits and binary code. Would you agree that we will continue to need keyboards in the future or side with Apple in that keyboards are unnecessary for tablets?
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Nov 5, 2012