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"We're at a loss to understand why Windows' terrible – and worsening! – idle battery life performance isn't the source of far more industry outrage." Because pretty much everyone who cares about that sort of thing switched to Macs and iOS devices years ago. The people are still using Windows and not clueless users or corporate drones -- in other words those who know better -- mostly fall in two categories: hardcore gamers, who tend to use desktop machines and don't care about battery life, or techies who make their living as Windows coders or SysAdmins and don't want to rock the boat. For the rest - why be outraged? Why waste your energy? Just buy an Apple device the next time you need to upgrade.
Friday I played with a Surface RT at a nearby MS Kiosk. I fired up IE and tried loading the -- it took forever (maybe a minute), to the point that I was suspecting that either the Surface wasn't connected to the Internet or The Verge itself was down or slow. Just as I hit the back arrow in IE the site started loading. I hit the forward arrow, and had to wait every bit as long for it to reload. (Upon leaving the booth I fired up The Verge on my LTE iPad (3). It loaded essentially instantly, so there was no issue with the website itself. ) The MS minder (there was one for each of the 4 Surfaces at the Kiosk) says to me: "It has Office!" So I fired up Office (Word), which took a long time to load, and typed a sentence on the attached keyboard. I had one typo hitting the letter N instead of the space bar between two words -- something I do a lot on the iPad virtual keyboard. I tried moving the cursor using touch to where the N was to fix it -- couldn't do it, it kept selecting the entire word. I asked the MS minder who had been standing next to me the entire time for help -- she couldn't figure out how to position the cursor either! Finally I saw that it could be positioned by dragging one of the edges of the whole word selection to where I wanted to go. I realize that the slowness of the web could have been due to a very poor a Internet connection to the MS Kiosk. But that points to another glaring Surface flaw -- no cellular option -- you are stuck on WiFi whether it is good, bad, or non-existent. And what does it say about Microsoft to have such a poor demo setup? tl;dr: Did Jeff try the same device I just did? There is something something one of us is missing.
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Nov 19, 2012