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Well I'm not part of the Blame Hollywood group that shows its head whenever there is an event like this. Mainly because American films and music and television gets shipped all the over the world and you rarely if ever hear about mass shootings in other parts of the world (war zones not withstanding). However, what needs to be addressed in addition to the ready access of firearms in this country is what I like to call Fear Inc that is perpetrated by the news channels in this country. Think about it for a second, they work off the motto, "If it bleeds it leads" and even watching your local newscast how many times are stories run that talk about something killing you, your dishwasher, the glasses you drink beer out of at the bar, the puppy down the lane. When they report a crime, they rarely report the race of a suspect unless it is a minority and then you can guarantee the suspect's picture is plastered all of the news. Include the fact that most of these shooters tend to be younger (under 30) and have been on psychiatric medications for years in most cases. Because we really don't understand the long term effects of these medications on developing brains. So you have people that have been trained to fear everything, possibly exaggerated psychological problems due to over and mis medication and given easy access to firearms, can we really be surprised this is happening?
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Dec 18, 2012