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Sreerama Chandran
I am an amateur photographer and full time Banker
Interests: photography
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Remember the best camera is the one that is with you! This camera is always going to be with me because IT IS SMALL (as small as my Canon S90 which is always in my pocket)and the sensor is HUGE WITH GOOD DYNAMIC RANGE AND CLEAN ISOs. This may be Nikon’s ‘Cult Classic’ like the Olympus mju ii and the Contax T3! I would buy this because: I am a Nikon Fanboy It has a true wide-angle (not a semi wide or ultra wide) F2.8 is more than enough for landscapes Can be used for Street Photography Can be used as a Spy Camera in Macro mode (for surreptitiously copying documents) I am sick of all the prejudice and hate on this camera all over the net. Other than the price (which we may expect to come down, there is nothing wrong with this Camera) Please give Nikon a break
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2013 on All the Nikon Hate at The Online Photographer
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Mar 8, 2013