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Demetrius Thompson
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Yall are all fools ..... the u has not a long way to go , but all depends on our coaching schemes..... are offense was explosive last year, are defense was bad but most of that was bad scheme... To be honest with you .. we should go undefeated... Florida=garbage , FSU=ok at best, and the ACC is weak. If al golden doesnt go undefeated or at least one loss i want his head. they gave randy short leash so should al . are o-line is superior , are reciever match up w. any in country, rb"duke" need i say more, qb, 500+ yard record remember, he's better than average not yet great , but with right play calling he can be great. defense???? kelvin kain should have been on the feild, him and #17 will give a pash rush we hadnt had in a while along w/ chick,,,, perrymen is the next ray ray.. hope his ankle is better... i hope fig is that real deal .. along w/ perryman .. we ok.... are secondary sort of young ... If we get a young jem from the secondary to step up ITS OVER!!!! OVER 12-0 miami ACC champs ... defeats ALABAMA in BCS championship >>>>>>crushs florida and fsu by total 50 and wins state of florida title as predictions......and then the ncaa is all of a sudden going to have a decision to try and break our momentum and come down hard, maybe, but i think we buck ncaa too Hail The U
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Mar 25, 2013