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Barbara Kampff
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I AGREE! After 2 years of trying to pick myself and my family up after losing the place my children, STILL! call HOME in MN. I have yet to find an attorney who TRUELY believes a wrong has been done, or has the GUTS to fight! NOT an attorney trying to GET RICH off of our desperation for justice. An injustice which started from the mortgage broker, inflating the appraisal, finding the initial lender,then selling the mortgage, sooner than the ink can dry! to CERTAIN BANKS, waiting in the wings for these mortgages to be handed off to them, under a false name, waiting for the inevitable forclosure. THEN when financial trouble occurs, the "SERVICING COMPANY" who makes money from our late fees, tells us, "You are not eligable for a remodification until you are at least 3 months deliquent on your mortgage. AND now that we can't afford homeowners insurance, they provide homeowners insurance for us. WITH THIER OWN NAMED INSURANCE COMPANY, Charging us DOUBLE the standard insurance premiums. OH! and adding an "INFLATION RIDER" AFTER the Sheriff's sale was completed. Does the PLEDGE OF ALLEGANCE still say "AND JUSTIVE FOR ALL?" OK...then SOMEBODY, PLEASE...PROVE IT!
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Mar 31, 2013