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searcher for delicious food.
Interests: commenting.
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Over a billion Muslims are on the warpath and they must be stopped. A natural wonder drug can come to the rescue, it is called Peyote. The vision of Muhammad and Allah will be replaced by an array of beautiful colors and creative thoughts. The end result will be a harmless Apostate, ready for love and peace.
Egyptian Muftis and their lieutenants are broke and need big bucks. But their Jizya is being delayed by the American congress. Threats of a Jihad to take Jerusalem are meant for the ears of Washington’s politicians. If Obama wins the multi-billion dollar pacifier will be on the way.
It would be enlightening if the Jew that was being bashed would ask his or her attacker a reason for the beating. The reply might be because it is pleasurable and permissible. Cruelty lurks in human nature and the defenseless Jew is often its victim.
It would be wishful thinking to expect Romney to become the “great crusader” he lives in comfort and is not concerned with occasional suicide bombings. The final crusade will be led by a Mongol more ferocious than Genghis khan. When the smoke clears an Atheist empire will be born.
Toggle Commented Oct 8, 2012 on Bingo at Atlas Shrugs
Arabs have lost respect for the prophet and are tired of waiting for the mercy of Allah. Modern Arabs want Apple products and designer fashions, not burkas and prayer rugs. Many are starting to eat pork or lobster tails washed down by a dry martini. The Burkas are being used to clean toilet bowls and the prayer rugs for door mats. Mosques are empty and its Imams have opened porno shops.
Arab women wear the Hijab only due to social pressures; they would rather wear the hairstyles of the West. Most believe that the tales of Muhammad are an annoying myth, deep down they are atheists but are deathly afraid to disclose their secret. The Grand Mufti and his lieutenants know that a woman without a Hijab is a threat to their career. Islam is without foundation and it will blow away with the wind.
Hatred of infidels has increased in Egypt; Christian’s homes are being targeted, Jews no longer will be able to visit the Pyramids or see Cairo. Wearing a yarmulke or Star of David as a tourist is now risky. Salafist-Jihadists are everywhere.
It was heaven on Earth for the over 100 thousand Iranian Jews who prospered within the Islam culture for centuries. But they were unjustly accused of being Zionists and forced to leave their Synagogues, homes, and Iran. The Golden Era of Iranian Jewry is gone and all that is left is a pleasant memory.
French Salafists reside in the heart of a Catholic majority, but its members only target Jews. Unless this Jew hating cult is destroyed by the French police Jews might have to leave France. Islam has entered a new phase, it is unleashing a more powerful Jihad against world Jewry, and Holocaust 11 is their goal.
Toggle Commented Oct 6, 2012 on In Defense of the Indefensible at Atlas Shrugs
No odor is more obnoxious to a Muslim than the odor of barbequed swine; they would rather smell s-hit. But Infidels on their day of worship fill the air with the scent of burnt pork, when carried by the wind the odor creeps into the nostrils of every Muslim. Infidels can be better tolerated if they would cook their swine thousands of miles away from Muslim communities.
Atheists deny that the angel Gabrielle whispered words of wisdom into Muhammad’s ear. That is why the Atheist is considered the mother of all Infidels and is given a thousand cuts. Muslims college students and the facility don`t allow Atheists to express their views on campus. When the Mufti speaks no seat is vacant in the halls of higher education.
Infidels that marry Muslims always convert to Islam but seldom practice their religion with fervor. But the hippy or mentally deranged youngster who converts to Islam soon becomes an activist. They are seen burning the Israeli flag or throwing rocks at policeman. Ironically some once had a bar mitzvah or came from wealthy homes.
Jews and Muslims need not be hostile to one another they both need loving care. Building of Synagogues in Iran and Egypt will go a long way on the golden road to trust and friendship. A Fatwa issued by the Grand Mufti demanding defensive borders for Israel will be sweet music to Jewish ears. The view that Muslims are savages will be gone, Islam will then be seen as a kind and loving religion. Millions of Infidels will accept Allah and his Prophet and join the call to prayer.
Worship of Muhammad can be exchanged for the greater love of Moses. Thousands of Israeli’s Rabbi`s without invitation should travel to Middle-East capitals. They can explain to Muslims that Moses was the only Prophet that had an intimate conversation with God, Muhammad only heard a whisper. There would be peace in the Middle-East if every Muslim became a Jew.
Arabs are not savages until they accept a weapon from a Mufti and become Muslims. It doesn’t take magic to turn a Muslim into a civilized Arab; taking away his Ak-47 will do the trick.
Applicants for a pistol permit in New York City or Moscow would be turned away if they believed it was correct to kill Infidels. But millions of Muslims carry weapons, they are being used to extort or murder non-believers. International peacekeepers must be sent to disarm Muhammad’s lunatics, it will take courage but it can be done.
Disarming of all Muslims including their militias is the first step in ending violence by this murderous cult. The second step is that the seven million Jews in the state of Israel must fight to establish defensible borders. Bashing of innocent minorities can be ended, without weapons Muslims will have had their claws removed.
Men that like to treat their women like animals and make them share the pet food love Islam. But men that like to treat their women as queens and share their credit card with them love being an Infidel.
Rabble-rousing Muftis and Mullahs are loved by Jew hating Mosque members. The agitator’s anger is a spectacle to behold, but when they vacation in Dubai they are as sweet as kittens. Israeli hookers and young boys with yarmulkes are their favorites.
Toggle Commented Oct 2, 2012 on "Stop talking!!" at Atlas Shrugs
Identification cards with a big I on its face will soon be issued to all Middle-Eastern Infidels. Their safety can be guaranteed by a belt beeper, when activated the police will be there in minutes. Each Infidel can hire a government employed body guard, 24/7 protection is available. For those that remain fearful a conversion to Islam is simple, just accept the merciful one and his Messenger. But remember to give Zakat (charity) when the Imam knocks on payday.
Since the Hitler era every Jew trembles at the sight of a Grand Mufti. They are the leaders of the Muslim world and are the spark that ignites intolerance against Jews. Each time there is a riot atheistic Grand Muftis and their corrupt lieutenants must be beheaded. Special Forces manning guillotines can do the job in a few days.
Nowhere is the distaste for outsiders stronger than in the Muslim community and American`s are the ultimate outsider`s. The Grand Mufti has the influence to gather a few thousand of his followers and have them throw rocks and burn American flags. He knows that in short time a government representative begging for peace will arrive with a trunk full of hundred dollar bills. Religion is not the Issue, most of the Grand Muftis are secret Atheist`s.
Mobs of Muslim slaves incited by their Grand Mufti are burning Churches and Temples of the Christian and Buddhist minorities. The motive of the Mufti is to increase his Jizya (extortion money), and it always gets paid. This ugly practice will end when Navy Seals seize the extortionists and transport them to Guantanamo. There they will be water boarded until they disclose the names of their racketeering partners. Drones can soon be dispatched to bust the butts of the untouchable Islamic Mafia. Allah and Muhammad will then have to get jobs making an honest buck.
Rioting in Bangladesh caused Buddhist temples to be burned and dozens of homes destroyed. The thousands in the angry mob were surely inspired by the Grand Mufti who saw a good opportunity to receive Jizya.
Eight million Christians and eight million Israeli Jews are being held hostage by Morsi. He has the power to kill every Egyptian Infidel and unleash his air force on Tel Aviv. When Morsi speaks Obama bows and listens.