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I'm the one.
Interests: Watching any or all kinds of sports on TV and spending time with the family.
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It's about time. This was two years too late. Now the 'idiot' Jerry will have to eat salary cap money next year when he could have had a smaller cap hit if he would have not given Ratliff that brand new contract after the 2011 season. Just sickening watching Jerry ruin this team and franchise. And the local media just lets him do
Williams is making Miles 'Sideline' Austin expendable by the day.
This Cowboys defense is playing worse than evn I expected. I blame Jerry for hiring 89 year old Monte Kiffin. That defense of his just won't work anymore. Add the fact...we don't have a few guys on that side that's conducive to running that defense in the first place. We definitedly don't have a defensive line..starting with a Warren Sapp type.
Jerry says get the ball to Dez by any means necessary. Problem is...Romo doesn't trust his arm to get it down the field to Dez.
Jerry is just brain dead in his belief in Romo. Should have traded Romo after last season and got our next franchise quarterback in this past draft.
Jerry has got to be the most stupid owner in the league who will continue to pay guys like Austin and Ratliff who stay on the sidelines because of injuries and not on the field. Unbelievable.... can't have ot both ways. Either Romo throws the ball to Dez no matter what. Or he continues to manage the game with his check down throws to Witten and the running backs.
No we didn't! Didn't miss Austin one bit.
It was not just Carter who had trouble covering his guy. Pro Bowl player Sean Lee got run over quite a few times in the running game and he got left in the dust on that long touchdown catch and run by Antonio Gates.
The kid had a turnover trying to make a play. I can live with that.
No Romo...that's not..entirely..accurate. The best team's quarterbacks are able to get it done no matter what is happening around them. A quarterback will NEVER be able have a normal pace on pass plays...all the time. He has to be able to make adjustments if the pocket collapses by way of improvising or just throwing the ball away and live for the next play. Sometimes you can go thru your reads and sometimes you can't. A quarterback just has to not make the bad play. Something you have been doing at season's end for quite sometime.
Jerry and crew can try and sugarcoat this all they want. Hatcher did indeed call out Romo. And rightfully so.
Dontarie Poe was one of my first round targets for Jerry in the 2012 draft. Jerry should have listened.
No Jerry...we want you to get a bonafide NFL head coach in here. And a quarterback who won't crack under pressure in the fourth quarter.
The Cowboys offense or lack thereof in the fourth quarter is just as much to blame for this loss as any other part of this team. This looks like the same offense we've seen for the last few years. We lost to a team today who won all of two games last year. Depressing..!!
For Claiborne to say this. He must have been out with Jerry for a few
What does he have to lose? Garrett knows he's a lame duck head coach. And what happens if they get off to a slow start to the season and the players start making waves about the head coach and his coaching staff?
Romo's stats are misleading. Most of his completions were no more than six to eight yards. Dez and Austin had quite a few yards on RAC.
Just another round of Jerry's delusional thinking.
Why is Ratliff still here? Jerry still doesn't get it.
The receiver ALWAYS runs the wrong route on a pass that Romo misses for a possible touchdown. Just hilarious the excuses for Romo that come out of Valley Ranch on Romo's bad passes. I don't care what route Williams was supposed to run on that play. He was wide open for a touchdown and Romo over threw him by ten yards. That's on Romo..!!
Romo did his usual. Move the team between the twenties and we settle for field goals. What else is new?
Is Jerry afraid of Ratliff? Ratliff has been stealing money from the Cowboys for the last three years. Ratliff's failure to be able to get on the field is all but telling Jerry he'll get on the field when he feels like it. Just cut this guy and be done with it.
Good call Ms. Williams. I thought I was the only one who saw that it was Hatcher who forced the fumble with his hand instead of the sack by Lee on that blitz call from Kiffin. The game announcers were just giddy in giving that sack and supposedly fumble to Lee. Fumble was caused by Hatcher and it was Hatcher who recovered it.