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I'm sure you didn't mean for this to be a slap in the face for people with learning disabilities, but you didn't think about the fact that we exist when you wrote it, and it shows. Lists aren't a good solution for you, and that's ok. Telling other people that lists can be counter-productive for some people is ok, too. It might be helpful for some people. Not everybody's brain is the same as yours, though. I have ADHD, and I can't trust my brain to keep track of the things yours keeps track of. There's no exercise I can do or medical procedure I can get to "fix" that. This is how my brain works, and this is how it will work for the rest of my life. All I can do is use the tools that are available to me, such as medication, alarms, and lists. Yes, it takes some time to make lists. It takes a lot longer to try to do the dishes when I keep finding myself in a different room and can't remember why I'm there or what I was doing. I can save a lot of time by making lists, especially when you consider that without them, I forget to get my prescriptions and end up doing things like taking ten minutes to dial a phone number because I keep messing it up. I found your advice marginalising and hurtful. Like many people with learning disabilities, I've been fighting certain messages for most of my life. One of those is that I have to do things without help, the way normal people do them, or else I must not really care. It's an intensely harmful way of thinking for people with learning disabilities, and I'm very disappointed to see it on this blog.
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Oct 4, 2012