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Your description of Fox as "the right-wing news network" and MSNBC as "the ostensibly left-leaning" network--in the same sentence, of course, to ensure that even the least intelligent among your readership can't miss the distinction--is a perfect example of the kind of patronizing propagation of the Democratic Party line that has permeated much of the media this election season. Fox is obviously a right-wing network, and MSNBC is just as obviously a left-wing network. Period. The only way you could qualify MSNBC as "ostensibly left-leaning" is if you'd never actually watched the network. "Left-leaning" would be an appropriate description for ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, HBO, et al.--oh yeah, and Variety--but the list of undeniably "left-wing" news and entertainment organizations is long as well, stretching from MSNBC to the New York Times to the offerings of the erstwhile comedians Stewart, Colbert, and Maher. By the way, special mention in the "left-wing" category has to go to the Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences for denying Kelsey Grammer and "Boss" nominations in this year's Emmys, and for patently transparent reasons. At the same time, they've have seen fit to reward Jon Stewart with "Outstanding Variety, Music Or Comedy Series" 10 years in a row for his unwavering consistency in supporting the left-wing cause. I also take serious issue with your assertion that the debate is "wrong" for Stewart. Among your declared reasons--apart from the fact that Stewart enjoys making money--is that he holds the "moral high ground" (which, presumably, is threatened by his sharing the stage with O'Reilly) and, even more startlingly, has a demonstrated "ability to hold himself above others." What others? I can't think why Jon Stewart would be "above" me, or O'Reilly, or even you (except, no doubt, in terms of personal wealth). But you must believe such things, and propagate them, or the whole illusion of the movement comes crashing down. I'll watch the debate because I agree with Stewart that avoiding engagement is bizarre, and does nothing to advance an informed electorate. Both sides spend far too much time protecting their base and exposing their heroes only to adoring audiences. We need more debate, not less. And we need fewer writers and editors who spend time thinking up ways to sneak loaded phrases into their work, hoping they don't get caught.
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Oct 6, 2012