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I’m physically sickened to the core. There is a time when most people will have an epiphany. A time when something profound happens that causes them to realize that enough is enough. A time when wishful thinking that would paint humans as something more than animals is realized as the folly it really is. The cold hard truth is that humans are killers just like any other species on the planet. No political stunt or legislative action will change that basic truth. It’s not about gun control, you can kill without one. A man in China put a knife through 22 humans in a school last week. The fact is that it’s already illegal to murder, kidnap, rape, etc. Yet, it happens daily. What will one more law do? Nothing, for there will be no change in the heart and mind of a killer as a result of any law.... Continue reading
Posted Dec 14, 2012 at Warriors and Capitalists
I had just come to a stop when they pulled into my driveway directly behind me. Their headlights were set to high beams and I couldn’t see them for the glare in the rearview mirror. Chris was always showing up in a hurry, vehemently telling me to “get ready, we’re going out”. By the time I set the parking brake and turned off the stereo, Chris was not at my side window as I expected, maybe it wasn’t him. As I turned the key off, the headlights from behind dimmed and the glare reduction allowed me to see the passenger pulling a ski mask over his face in my rearview mirror. The driver was already stepping out of the car. This was my point, my “switch.” The fear came over me and said “listen to me, do as I say,” and I did. He got off three rounds as I... Continue reading
Posted Dec 8, 2012 at Warriors and Capitalists
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Oct 18, 2012