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Since this coming Monday, October 16th, comments are due to CMS concerning the agency's proposal to cancel the Obama administration's... Continue reading
If you're into the weeds relative to the regulatory implementation of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA), the... Continue reading
Listen Now Mr. Eric Weinberg is co-author with College of New Jersey Journalism Professor, Donna Shaw, of the recently published... Continue reading
Listen Now Earlier this year St. Martin's Press published Dr. Haider Warraich's Modern Death, How Medicine Changed the End of... Continue reading
Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal's recent, "An American Sickness, How Healthcare Became Big Business and How You Can Take It Back," has... Continue reading
Listen Now Recently the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) (formerly the Institute of Medicine) released it's "Effective Care for High-Need... Continue reading
In late June the administration released its 2018 proposed MACRA (Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act) rule. The largest proposed... Continue reading
Listen Now Approximately three weeks ago New York Magazine published David Wallace-Well's 7,500 word essay "The Uninhabitable Earth, Famine, Economic... Continue reading
Listen Now During this 20 minute discussion Dr. Halee Fischer-Wright discusses her recently published work, "Back to Balance, The Art,... Continue reading
This coming week the Senate will take up their amended version of the House repeal bill, the American Health Care... Continue reading
Listen Now A 2012 National Academy of Sciences (Institute of Medicine) study titled, "Best Care and Lower Cost," found about... Continue reading
If your're interested in Medicare payment reform generally, you may be interested in my essay, "Medicare Programs Should Compete," posted... Continue reading
If you're interested in learning what was the response by the trade and professional medical association communities to President Trump's... Continue reading
Listen Now Approximately 8,700 Americans die annually awaiting a kidney donation or become too ill to receive one. This is... Continue reading
Listen Now This past May 4, US House or Representative Republicans passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA). The bill,... Continue reading
The Health Care Blog ( posted an essay under this title on April 28th by myself and Jason Chung. The... Continue reading
Listen Now Considering the debate over the past five months about repealing the ACA (and more generally reforming the Medicare... Continue reading
For those carefully following the ACA state marketplaces, i.e., the viability thereof, here's an update to my March 22 THCB... Continue reading
Listeners may recall The Healthcare Blog ( posted last June 4th my essay, "About Hastert's 'Known Acts': The Indifference is... Continue reading
Listen Now In mid-January the CDC abruptly canceled a three-day "Climate and Health Summit" the Center had been planning for... Continue reading
In mid-February CMS published a proposed rule intended to "stabilize" the state insurance marketplaces. This essay, posted on The Health... Continue reading
Listen Now Over approximately the past decade the health care industry has become increasingly committed to financially incenting physicians and... Continue reading
Listen Now Late today, or within a few hours after this interview was completed, the House Republicans proposed ACA repeal... Continue reading
If you listened, or not, to my December 19th interview with Jean Casella (see below), one of the three editors... Continue reading