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One of the more effective business processes is Six Sigma, created in the mid-1980s by the Motorola Corporation. Some years passed before it gained more exposure and popularity. The main reason for this is how it was used by General Electric in the 90s. However, it is the reputation Six Sigma gained during the 90s and since that has validated the process. Today, in 2012, this approach to increasing business efficiency is not questioned. You can find many programs here in the US with a certification being a valuable asset to one's resume. Three defining characteristics of Six Sigma include the following: 1. Processes found in business have factors that are measurable and therefore controlled and improved upon. 2. One of the most important goals... Continue reading
Posted Jan 4, 2013 at Business
The range of business software uses and categories is wide and continues to grow every year. Any legitimate business can quickly suffer from information overload just trying to find the best solution. That is probably why business software consultants are in such demand. But the likely truth is the field is too wide and deep for any one person to effectively keep tabs on. One of the most common types of business software is called Enterprise software, or Enterprise Application Software (EAS). This is perhaps the most top level application used by government organizations and businesses. You will not find EAS being used by solo proprietors and very small businesses operated by one person. Another identifying quality of EAS is how it is typically integrated... Continue reading
Posted Jan 4, 2013 at Business
The evolution of business software is best described as exponential and there's truly no end in sight. In the beginning of its development, not too many decades ago, software was only for the largest corporations. Now, there is probably no business, in industrialized nations, that can operate without it. But it seems the more time-saving processes used, humans find many times more ways to consume any time-savings offered by software solutions. The increasing trend caused by highly specialized software is a demand for specialists. These are employers who have some experience with particular software used in all aspects of business. While this is an ideal solution for some employers, it automatically eliminates entire pools of otherwise qualified applicants. The ideal approach would be for employers... Continue reading
Posted Jan 4, 2013 at Business
The concept of having a virtual office instead of a regular one is gaining in popularity and it is not hard to see why. There are many business benefits of a virtual office. These benefits are especially helpful for small, start up companies but even large, multinational corporations have found that virtual offices are efficient and save both money and time. Following is an overview of some of the greatest benefits of a virtual office. Cost Saving Virtual offices are much cheaper to set up and operate than real offices. Each employee just needs a laptop and good internet connection. The business itself may need to invest in a server and VPN network but these costs are minimal when compared to the expense of buying,... Continue reading
Posted Jan 4, 2013 at Business
All organizations need a minimum number of core business processes. These processes are necessary so they can carry out those functions that allow them to operate. Of course smaller businesses and organizations can get by with fewer; however, growth means additional processes. One caution is to avoid redundancy and unnecessary processes. It's easy to see how excess can lead to inefficiency and delays with decisions. Organization managers need to be diligent and provide the oversight to prevent these types of excesses. The most basic process concerns sales and marketing, and all organizations have a need from governments to non-profit groups. The reason for this is every type of organization has a customer – even non-profits have them. With that comes certain managerial functions from relationship... Continue reading
Posted Jan 4, 2013 at Business
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