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You have misread why O'Reilly was so upset. Yeah, it annoys him when people won't go on his show, but he's usually content to just call them cowards or say they're "hiding under his desk" (the actual quote he used when describing Whitlock) and move on. Whitlock's mistake was that ridiculous "response" in which he essentially accused O'Reilly of being a racist. Needless to say, O'Reilly did *not* like that at all, and rightfully so. Trust me. I watched O'Reilly every day for almost five years (roughly from January 2008 through November 2012), and he never said anything like what Whitlock accused him of saying (and if he had, he would have been fired). *That's* why he's upset, not because Whitlock wouldn't do his show (though he is correct that Whitlock comes off as cowardly by not doing it when Bob Costas had no trouble defending himself on the show). I understand why Whitlock didn't want to do the show (he knew that O'Reilly would probably demolish him if for no other reason than that it's his show, and that gives him a major advantage in almost all debates in that venue). I'm fairly certain that if Whitlock had just declined the invite and left all the race stuff out of it, O'Reilly would have just moved on, perhaps taking one more potshot at Whitlock before he did. He would not have declared war on Whitlock, just as I'm almost certain he did not declare war on you when you declined his an invitation. He probably didn't even mention you. But what Whitlock didn't realize is that he is essentially a nobody in the grand scheme of things (this is why it was absurd that he offered to have O'Reilly come on his little podcast that has a miniscule fraction of the reach that O'Reilly's TV show does), and he just picked a fight he can't win. He better hope that O'Reilly is going to get bored (though I kind of doubt that since Whitlock just did a podcast on the subject), or there won't be much left of him before too long.
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Dec 12, 2012