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on the BlackberryZ10 cloud
Fashonista make-up artist yogi and Mormon
Interests: ani Difranco,anthropology,blackberry,bpal,magazines,music,reviews
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Hey, you're invited! Bachan Kaur wants you to try out Strikingly! It's the easiest website builder for your personal branding, business, startup, portfolio, and much more. Launch your site in minutes. ACCEPT INVITE Thanks! – from Strikingly on behalf of Bachan Kaur( Continue reading
I HATE new years eve. People forgot it is a number You may need to be uplifted as well? Today is the day the famous teacher of the self-study course "A course in miracles" released her newest book: "A year of miracles" this book contains 365 session's. If you read... Continue reading
Every year we face what we wish we had done. Resolutions are broken before they have had a chance to come to life. I made a breakthrough in the last year. A breakthrough away from resolution to result. Does it mean I never have a bad day. While on earth... Continue reading
anthrofashion [] just sent you an ecard from You can view it by clicking here: Using our new tracking feature, you can now view all the ecards received by you in the last 30 days. Click on the link below or copy & paste the link into your... Continue reading
A gift guide of self-love... I love giving gifts, seeing the joy in the eyes of those you love filled with sparkles. This year to me has proven that the more I give the more I have gotten in return. As I wrapped a love gift box to a good... Continue reading
WHY THIS WILL BE A WEEKLY TOPIC: My Audible membership is like a good friend. It can and it has transformed my life. I am a platinum member which means I get to choose two books. In addition, I get a daily reading of selected New York times articles, The... Continue reading
Finally full: A workshop on spirituality and food was first introduced this summer, Back then it could be attended either in-person or via ustream. I usually do attend live online. The Holy Ghost said "no". I knew it was for a reason. I had already been a part of Gabrielle"s... Continue reading
Ok. I know I technically didn't cheat. The structure is a lecture a week . Due to the fact "Finally full" lasts three weeks(then you own the content for the rest of your life. You own the right to listen to the content . However the copyright owner is Gabrielle... Continue reading
You are aware I am taking the fabulous digital e-)course "Finally full" created by Gabrielle Bernstein? I have already written how AMAZING week one was after watching the video once. I kept watching week one not because I had to fill the waiting time, no, I watched it over and... Continue reading
Introduction: I am almost too excited about getting this post out to you. You; my beloved readers. It feels as if I have found this amazing new journey and I don't want to kerp it to myself because I know that while it might not fully change your life. However,... Continue reading
I recently tweeted about doing the Desire Map as an online group journey and I wanted to create a series where I share amazingly easy - to - use insights to help you go deeper into the material. What kind of insights you ask? Not only am I a yogi.... Continue reading
So, I know I promised a while back to include a link where you could win a free workshop with Gabrielle Bernstein. Your next question is totally legit; If i said I would include it then why didn't I? Well for one, I was not responsible for the contest, but... Continue reading
Simply click here: Continue reading
Ok, I am not a fan of Gaga ( I can't escape the tunes at a social gathering and I admit that I tag along on the dance floor. ) Her newest single which will debut live in September is a track you might do your spinning/running to. A few... Continue reading
The author is 21. Born in UK. This is her debut novel. People call her "The new J.K. Rowling" which makes me laugh... Freaking amazingly hard. She is writing alot more like the Delirium triology, the hunger games and my favorite of all: Divirgent the triology by Veronica Roth. The... Continue reading
Yesterday I browsed Audible. This is something I often do. Honesty I was not looking for another book on self-development. Still a silent voice must have been on the hunt. You see, Gabrielle Bernstein has launched a workshop for "fearless romance" coming up in September. This is a paid workshop... Continue reading
I promised one post dedicated to free resources aimed at creating a new way of thinking. A free alternative to costly workshops and coaching. There are so much goodies out there - I want you to find what you want :-) So, I decided to make the idea into a... Continue reading
More often than not I ask myself why I stay on a paid blogging-service. I even have a domain so if I moved to good -crusty but scaringly Blogger you would find me on my url. I stay. I willingly throw my hard-earned bucks at Saymedia. Those owning Typepad. You... Continue reading
Lo and behold, For years yours truly avoided self-development thinking it was for fools... Yeah, I know I know pride makes us fall. And I honestly admit I am picky. I pray before picking every title. It started with the highlight choose to have on starting the new year.... Continue reading
****************************************** NOTE: WRITTEN ON TYPEPAD'S MOBILE SITE! I am phsyched to share this review with you because it works magic. No freaking joke. For years I have looked for a product which: * Makes a complextion perfect; Which means your skin looks neutral *Hydrates the skin * Takes away all... Continue reading
I love Gabrielle Bernstein's way of bringing the classic text "A course in miracles" to people like you and me. Continue reading
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May 21, 2013