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* Faster, more affordable access to public records from agencies run by the governor's office. > That's already state law, Chapter 119. * Raising the minimum wage for contractors doing business with agencies reporting to the governor's office > That's tampering with the free market, and will increase costs to the state as well as place some existing employees at a lower pay rate than new ones. * Issuing an executive order requiring equal pay for women employed by companies doing business with agencies reporting to the governor's office. > That's also tampering with the free market- and unfair. So a woman that's been on the job one week must be paid the same as a man that has worked for 10 years and obtained longevity raises? * Ordering executive agencies to grant contract work to in-state "whenever possible and legal.'' > Local vendor preference is already an accepted practice, however, this could raise costs considerably if a local bid greatly exceeds a competitor from another state. No big deal, it's only money. * Protecting the rights of LGBT workers through an executive order prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity within agencies reporting to the governor's office and their contractors. > That's already the law at both the state and federal levels. In summary, much ado about nothing. If you really want something, look at Libertarian Adrian Wyllie, who will avoid doing things that are already in place and instead work to lower the amount of regulations and red tape in government.
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In 2013 the Florida legislature gave driver license relief to foreign tourists by repealing the international driver license law in 21 days. That same session, they passed with only 2 no votes a bill to give certain illegal aliens an easy path to a Florida driver license. This year, they passed a bill to give convicted felons free birth certificates, free ID cards, and taxpayer assistance in getting necessary out of state records. Non-felon citizens must pay for all of the above. Not one of the above groups can legally vote for legislators in Florida. When will the legislature do something for Florida citizens, like repealing REAL ID, the root cause of the problem?
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Any woman that supports the national ID card known as REAL ID must not have had to go through the many hoops just to renew her driver license. It's far worse for women than it is for men. REAL ID requires numerous and costly certified copies of documents for every name change- marriage, divorce, etc. I'm thankful we have a candidate for governor that has the guts to take a stand on liberty issues. This has been lacking for years.
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Although referred to in the quasi-story as "one opponent", my name is Paul Henry, and I am a retired Florida Trooper that has performed many analysis reports on automated for-profit devices. Unlike the cities or the state survey, I publish crash data so you can see exactly how many crashes there were. Since this quasi-story does not list the numerous other points I made, I have downloaded the meeting's audio file of that portion and placed it on my website. If you'd like to learn more about automated for-profit law enforcement and why it is both a bad idea and un-American, please Google red light camera reference page.
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The bill to ban the automated for-profit devices will likely cause a lot of debate and not go anywhere, just as the last one did. A better solution is the 2013 Florida Motorist Rights Restoration Act, which does not ban the devices but treats the tickets the same as every other moving violation by restoring rights, such as having the people in court that processed the evidence. It's unfortunate no legislators are interested in helping the motorists of Florida both young AND old.
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Jan 4, 2013