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Jack Rigby
The REAL Oz (Australia)
Not successful, just won't quit!
Interests: To somehow make up the time and money invested since 1984 in the Net (from when it was a text-based message service between Bulletin Boards of one user at a time).
Recent Activity
Apologies in advance - I am that lowest of orders: an end-user *and* RentaServer renter. I have been getting screwed by Hosts ever since the Web was invented. (literally) Numerous SERIOUS marketing efforts have been started over the years and all have ended with crashed Sites. To explain: I am a serious marketer and learned to drive traffic the hard way in the hard world with pay-in-advance ads. The Web should have been a paradise for me as a small operator with miniscule costs compared to the "real" world. Almost EVERY promotion I've run - and they are still expensive even out in the Cyberbog - has worked thus resulting in Server crashes from even minor peak traffic. We aren't talking Markus Frind figures here, just a few thousand hits. After all these years, I have never got a straight answer and never had a Server service stay up for one month without downtime. I don't need PeerOne, I keep hearing of guys running Servers from home, like did and all these years later, with traffic that would make ME a billionaire on 10% of it, he still runs everything as almost a one-man band on literally, 1/300th of the number of Servers his competition uses. I had high hopes for the "Cloud" with its lies of distributed loading and and from 1&1 who promoted it heavily, to others, they fall over, so where is this redundancy? My three current "trials" have all fallen over in the last 3 months - all "cloud-based"... WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO HAVE A LITTLE SYSTEM THAT CAN: 1. Run a few Forums. 2. No high-demand music/flash/video downloads, mainly text. 3. Have 5000 concurrent users. 4. Handle spikes of visitors of 10,000 per hour NOT second or minute, per hour. was handling 100 times that with the colossal demands of a dating service system, on a home PC. Running Windows as the final insult! :-} I don't even need big data pipes. No videos, no music. With all the tech expertise I've seen on this Board here, someone must be able to tell me the secret. Or, at least how Markus did it. Why do others need 600 Servers and 500 staff and he needs a couple of renta-boxes and his girlfriend?
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Jan 16, 2013