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February has to be Paris, France I can't wait until tomorrow!!
I'll be sewing along - I've got a large blue/white/cream stash, so hopefully I can have some fun with them!
You're doing great! I've got about 6 quilts done this year, and another 4 in the almost a top stage....we'll see how the month progresses!
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I have two Christmas gift quilts to finish, one has the binding attached, just needs to be sewn down, the other awaits more thread (I ran out with only 1/4 of the final border left to quilt, sigh), then bound. Totally doable!! Then there's a long list of what I can make vs what I can buy (and how much time's left) for the rest of my list... Thanks for a cool block. di_caughill at hotmail dot com
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I might be a neutral convert! The more I see this book, the more I want to sew!! Thanks for the inpsiration.
My favourite neutral is a sandy beige, it goes exceptionally well with my ultimate fav colour Blue, and for most quilts will wear better than a whiter fabric. Actually the trim colour in my living room is Benjamin Moores' Barely Beige!
Did you reach your goal of 3 tops?
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2013 on Going MIA till Sunday... at 36 Quilts in 12 Months
You've had a productive week!! The Halloween quilt is very cute - I'm sure your co0worker will LOVE it. I had what seemed like a slow July - didn't finish anything, but then these last two weeks I've assembled 2 tops and have enough blocks completed for a third quilt, so I guess it's all in where you are in the process! Keep your foot on the gas and I'll be looking for your next post, til then, Cheers!! (I once framed a white board with the fancier wine corks we'd drank - and people thought we must be sauced all the time, in fact it was less than a bottle a week! Now if I'd used beer caps, I could decorate an entire apartment, maybe that's inspiration for a hexie or yoyo quilt!!)
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Max is a Cutie! The tissue in his mouth takes the prize! Reminds me of our old man (who's 7 now), but it's been at least 2 months since he raided the kleenex box :)
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2013 on puppies!!!! at 36 Quilts in 12 Months
I love this pattern, and I've just finished a LeMoyne Star block with the y-seams, so I might just try this soon!!! (Well, after I get those pesky seams perfected on another star block first!!)
I think aqua as background and use navy in the border/binding to pop the prints. While grey is a modern neutral, it might be too dull for the prints.
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2013 on i'm in love... at 36 Quilts in 12 Months
I like the momentum you're getting now!! A little progress each day on something will get you to your goal! Keep on sewing girl!! You must have a binder with all your plans for the year - otherwise how do you keep everything straight?!?
Your to-do-list is doable!! Keep going, you're nearly halfway there! (Maybe Lilli can get a quilt NEXT year...)
Toggle Commented May 6, 2013 on This week's goals... at 36 Quilts in 12 Months
I haven't finished any quilts since December (when I finished 3), but I've got 6 in progress now: 3 BOMs, last year's Craftsy BOM is 3/4 fmq'd, Mystery Quilt 8 from Quilter's club of America is ready to put into the setting, and I've got hundreds of HSTs set aside to make hundreds of Qsts for a queen quilt for my parent's Christmas gift. Slowish progress, but I'm happy if I can get 2 mornings a week in on the machine. I learned how to sew in Home Ec class in grade 6, my first attempt at a quilt was in grade 12 when I made the horrific choice of a star quilt with inset seams (didn't know what they were or how to make them, just started running the fabric through with no care for puckers and broken needles!) That quilt died 5 years ago after it had been delegated to the padding for the dog cage... I've tried using different thimbles, don't like metal ones...the leather ones don't last very long....I like Clover's silicone and metal combo, only got it for Christmas so I don't know how long it'll last, but I'm a happy stitcher now! I've been following your blog since the very first post, I can't remember exactly how I found it though...and unlike many of the previous commenters, my favourite series of posts was the Saturday you were cleaning the house! I also love that you post "real" photos of your place - there may be dishes on the table, dogs piled on the couch and fabric spilling off the counter, but it's how you live and how you love. It makes me feel so much better about neglecting my place to sew just one more set of units. Happy stitchin!
Toggle Commented May 4, 2013 on Randomness... at 36 Quilts in 12 Months
I really like the applique over the pieced block. Applique is something I'm hoping to learn more about in the next while.
Toggle Commented May 2, 2013 on Welcome, blog tourists! at Piece O' Cake Blog
I've only been quilting a year, so my experience so far is low, but I'm very drawn to Dresdens and star blocks - I love the symmetry and geometry! Currently, I have 3 BOMs in progress, 1 QAL and a star kit(queen size) on the go! So far, I'm keeping up and enjoying all 5 of my projects!!
Love the blue background. Thank you for a chance to win!
I sympathize with the sewing and ripping thing - I didn't go quite so far yesterday, but I did redo the same seam 3 times before it was right....I even somehow had right side to wrong side one time! UGH!!
Looking great! I really like the navy vs white borders - very bold! Keep those good times a rollin'!
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Mar 22, 2013
Everyone has crazy weeks - the goal is to get through them and onto better days! Keep your spirits up!
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Feb 6, 2013