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Wow. We're truly in the midst of dot-com bubble 2.0. Where do I go to get my idiotic ideas funded by VCs? How is this a steaming pile of crap? Let me count the ways. - No accessibility. - Insane browser requirements ruling out half the potential users. - People like forums because of the community, not the software. - People are perfectly happy with vBulletin/phpBB/4Chan/reddit/slashdot. Especially phpBB, hence its ubiquity. - People like threading, despite your quixotic, uninformed rant against it several posts ago. You haven't created something new like StackOverflow here, Jeff. You've just reinvented a perfectly good wheel, badly. What a waste. You know what would be really useful? You know what we really lost in the transition from Usenet to message boards? Automatic archiving, and a centralized directory of forums. That I'll pay for. Wonder if I can get VC money for that? Nah, too hard to explain in 140 characters.
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Feb 7, 2013