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Mike Shwarts
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I do agree with the comments on big lenses on small bodies. There is a work around if you don't mind manual focus. I have the Olympus E510 bought partly for the ability to use lenses not designed for it (in my case, my old Olympus OM lenses). From there I went to using OM lenses on a Canon 10D (bigger body) with a focus confirmation, chipped adapter. A couple days ago, I received a used Canon T3/1100D. The body it pretty comparable to my old E510 and I can use my chipped OM to EOS adapter. Pair that body up with an OM 50/1.8, 50/3.5 macro, and 100/2.8 and I'm almost back to a kit as small as OM bodies with their matching Zuikos.
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Apr 7, 2013