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Man. you guys are harsh on ECI. My opinion is that he's much less irritating than gorr.
@mahonj: Ordinarily the oil industry has no problem; it's fairly "globalized." The problem would be getting the workers in, as the USA has been thrown into full-on protectionism mode with the new rentier administration that seems determined to maximize personal profits.
I honestly think there will be battery advances way before these fuel cells can hit the market and make a sufficient impact. The year 2025 is light-years behind improved batteries IMO. Then again, I may be wrong.
This seems like common sense to me, but (some) skeptics may need more validation of costs versus benefits, etc.
SkyMine, a (fairly) recent startup in Texas, does this with flue gas from an existing coal-powered plant, but it's great to capture it straight from the air as they seem to be doing here.
I am wondering about the energy balance. Is more energy required to compress and cool the liquid nitrogen than is saved by assisting the diesel up to 20 mph? Or is this a tool to reduce urban diesel emissions (a worthwhile goal, IMO)?
mahonj has a good point. I'd like to add that the spike in oil prices may happen around the same time as the cost of batteries (and therefore EVs) starts to fall below parity with gasmobiles. That could lead to a true "tipping point."
I don't see Trump having a huge effect on mileage standards. Carmakers need regulatory stability for planning purposes.
Roy H makes a good point here.
^^ Hater alert ^^
I don't know enough about the "Report" function on TypePad. I'll have to do some research and see how to do that. Thanks!
@SJC: I agree that gorr contributes little but negativity toward innovation and progress, but there is nothing we can do. He's kind of like President Trump in that regard.
I'm not in a panic, fool. I'm patiently waiting on China to serve as an improvement test bed for cars that will eventually be sold in the USA after "President" tRump is impeached or jailed for his misdeeds.
@Lad: Legacy carmakers are trying to extend the life of the ICE and this seems like a low-cost way to "milk" the technology another model cycle (six years or so in Germany). I could be wrong.
Additionally, 0-60 times are irrelevant in drayage use anyway.
This seems to be "rumor mill" stuff. Maybe there was some confusion/conflation with recent battery issues at another well-known South Korean electronics manaufacturer?
Gorr, the leap of illogic required to assume that the cost of a single cylinder engine is one quarter the .cost of a four-cylinder engine has to be a joke. There's no other way to explain it besides idiocy, which is also possible. Either way, you're trolling the world with that comment.
I think that's a small sample of a daily routine of many more trips.
Why so afraid of the future, gorr?
It would be great if the links in the article went to _free_ sites.
@Trees: My guess is that Democrats were relying on Republicans to possess a trace of social conscience and not confirm committed EPA foe Scott Pruitt to head the EPA. The move failed because Republicans have no such conscience.
It's good that Hyundai made the Ioniq look more conventional than the Toyota Prius. This will "mainstream" the car and boost potential sales. As for Tesla's alleged build quality issues from Davemart, sower of doubt, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now as Tesla is not a mere transportation appliance but a way of forcing other carmakers into action.