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Sherlock Canthunt
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Follow us on twitter at @by20hounds or on our blog by googling "Drats No Kill" where we will address health care options for our elderly. Thank the lord we still have the first amendment. Well, except in Broward County where a local judge is trying to silence Drats right to speak freely as well. Read our blog Drats VS No Kill Nation - you won't be amused. Brave soldiers fight and die to protect a free society. Drats would NEVER dishonor their by cowering to threats demanding silence on political issues. That is third world thinking.
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So RICK - you don't believe our elderly are entitled to "Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness"? Or is the republican version of happiness a bottle of wine and a warm spot sleeping under a bridge?
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I am sixty years old and suffer from Chron's disease. At some point in time its not my BONG that will kill me but my CHRON's that will. It is none of RICK'S business what chronically ill Americans do in the privacy of their own homes as we struggle to stay alive. This isn't about getting high. It is about wanting to be able to feel normal and function doing life's little things like putting my socks on.
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So much for Republican proposed health care options. Arizona is looking pretty sunny and senior friendly to me right about now. FACT - all HEAD SHOPS require its customers tombe 18 years of age and you I.D. So Rick is willing to let our youngest and best fight and die in rhe wars in the middle east but wants to protect them from hurting themself if they choose to buy a BONG to make the horrors and nightmares disappear? Sounds to me like we need protection from the war our own government is waging on our sick and our elderly.
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How wonderful spring breakers will be able to buy GUNS easier than buying a BONG on spring break. Didn't you guys learn anything when you closed the head shops in Panama City and most of the spring breakers went to South Padre Island or Mexico spring break? ditto for Daytona Beach?
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"When BONGS are outlawed only OUTLAWS will Own BONGS" beyond stupid. Who is funding enforcing the law? I'll be first in line demanding a jury trial and court appointed attorney. I'll make sure I drag Rick through the muck. Drats, the squirrels an nuts are taking over.
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Apr 27, 2013