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Why do these people still work at the State Department? I want to know the same thing, JamesD!
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Honest there ANYTHING the media can report on without working in a slam on our President? (I didn't think so!) This morning they were doing a report on the demise of bookstores. An independent bookstore owner was discussing some author award that John Lewis won and that led to "Well... you know the President has a bulls-eye on cutting funding to NEA so how will that affect you and how will it affect authors and WHY does Trump hate books???" "Oh, we're just a tiny little pitiful organization and we barely scrape by now and we don't know what we'll do....woe is me!!!" So transparent and sickening!
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Hm. Looks like Typepad's mysterious refusal to accept my postings the last week or so has ended. It does the same thing to me from time to time...seems random. Sometimes if I sign out and sign back in, or close out of my browser and refresh, it will work but not always. I think it has a mind of its own!
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But there should be positives to him keeping hid equipment, no? narciso - They used to say neutering too young would stunt their growth. This has been proven false. Some breeders who want drive/aggression (for guard dogs, etc.) do not neuter as they believe that it makes them more passive. And finally, if you are going to show a male dog at the AKC - he cannot be fixed. Those are the things I have heard over the years. I do believe there are more health benefits female dogs when they are spayed.
Sorry for length - this is for narciso - for some reason links to Dr. Foster site are blocked; Medical advantages There are numerous behavioral and medical benefits to neutering your dog. The medical advantages are numerous and even more significant. Again, all are caused by the effects of testosterone on the body or are physical problems that arise within the testicles themselves. Here again, a vasectomy would not serve any real or meaningful purpose. No Testicular Tumors: There are several different tumor types, both benign and malignant, that arise within the testicles. As with most cancers, these usually are not noted until the animal reaches 5 or more years of age. Therefore, these would not be a problem in those individuals castrated at the recommended age. Improved Genetics: We all agree that a male carrying a harmful genetic trait like hip dysplasia or epilepsy should be neutered. We must do all that is possible to prevent the spread or continuation of these conditions and others like them. Fewer Hernias: A hernia is a protrusion of an organ or parts of an organ or other structure through the wall of a cavity that normally contains it. Perianal hernias occur when the colon, urinary bladder, prostate, or fat protrude from the abdominal cavity, through the muscular wall by the anus and then lie just under the skin. This type of hernia is far more common in older, unneutered male dogs. The levels of testosterone and other hormones appear to relax or weaken the group of muscles near the anus. When the animal then strains to defecate or urinate, the weakened muscles break down and the abdominal organs and fat bulge out under the skin. In shorthaired breeds, this large bulge is noted by the owner almost immediately, but in the longhaired dogs, the problem may go on for months before anyone realizes there is an abnormality. Left untreated, these organs may become damaged, unable to function or even die from loss of blood supply. Additionally, because of the displacement of organs into this area, the animal may not be able to defecate or urinate correctly or completely and may become constipated or have urinary incontinence (dribble urine). The surgery to repair this condition is not simple and today can easily cost $700 to $1500 or more, depending on the severity. Fewer Perianal Tumors: There are tumors whose growth is stimulated by testosterone. These occur near the anus and are called perianal adenomas (benign) or perianal adenocarcinomas (malignant). As with the hernias, these usually do not occur until the dog is at least 7-years old. They require surgical treatment and should be caught early in their development to prevent recurrence. These tumors and the above hernia are very, very rare in those individuals castrated at 7 to 8-months of age. Fewer Prostate Problems: The most common medical problems eliminated in dogs neutered at an early age are those involving the prostate. Over 80% of all unneutered male dogs develop prostate disease. Prostate conditions such as benign enlargement, cysts, and infection are all related to the presence of testosterone.
daddy - I saw this chart and it reminded me of your dog walk a few nights ago. Thought you might find it helpful :)
Porch - I read the obituary of your great Uncle Bob. He had such a remarkable career and productive life. It's even more impressive when you think of losing his parents at the tender age of 7! RIP Thanks for sharing his story with us.
joan - thanks so much for the 10:28 link. It is wonderful!!! I got into it on Twitter with someone from "Human Rights Watch" who posted that Aya was a "crumb" that Sisi threw to Trump. I doubt her family considers her a crumb! Their TDS is so severe they cannot even give him credit for something as basic as releasing an American citizen from captivity!
Is Comey setting up Loretta? How can anyone keep all of this straight? We need a timeline, a flow chart, venn diagrams, and who knows what else to keep track of who did what to who when.
This is Lilly just a few weeks ago. daddy - do you know how to upload to
Thanks, everyone! MM - Love that mental picture of you running and yelling at the hawks while the pups thought it was great fun - daddy - poor little Nelson was probably thinking, "wait a darn minute mister...I'm not finished'll be sorry!" Lady - please go home!!
Trying to catch up - started on this page and going backward! What to treat to see one of daddy's creations right away! So funny! I needed a laugh... Such a sad weekend at our house. Returned home Thursday to find our little dog Lilly was dead. She was only 9 and had no apparent illness. Vet thinks she had an internal mass that burst! She was my husband's lap dog companion since his stroke. Hug your puppies and give them an extra treat tonight!
JIB - So happy to hear of your great progress. I know this will change your life in many good ways!
Here's a bit more from the Auburn protest last night. These "protesters" don't have a clue what they are doing. Notice when challenged he looks for a way out! (Warning: language alert)
Toggle Commented Apr 20, 2017 on Chatting With Fish About Water at JustOneMinute
My bet is a California based Federal Judge steps in by tomorrow to order the Auburn police to stand down from ordering the unmasking of the Antifa thugs as a violation of their Civil Rights. Any bets? I might bet on that, daddy. Those salt of the earth Alabama boys don't take that ##**## lying down! ( I need BOE here to agree with me. ) How many places have been targeted by these jerks? Why did it take Alabama cops to use common sense, pull off their stupid masks, and threaten to throw the in jail? Surprise! They decided they didn't want to sit in the pokey in Alabama! IF law enforcement would do its job, 90% of this would stop. Look at how it's working with our wonderful Mr Sessions (from Alabama I might add) and immigration.
Toggle Commented Apr 20, 2017 on Chatting With Fish About Water at JustOneMinute
A bit proud of the way my Auburn police handled the antifa yesterday. Nobody should be allowed to wear masks and then riot and commit all sorts of mischief. Good for them!!!
Toggle Commented Apr 19, 2017 on Chatting With Fish About Water at JustOneMinute
Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 6m6 minutes ago Despite major outside money, FAKE media support and eleven Republican candidates, BIG "R" win with runoff in Georgia. Glad to be of help! Reply 1.3K Retweeted 1.5K Liked 5.2K
Toggle Commented Apr 19, 2017 on Chatting With Fish About Water at JustOneMinute
Dekalb is all in - that is the Dem. stronghold. The uncounted votes should be good for the R's. He's not going to hold onto that 50.3 (last I checked) once Cobb is counted. Still praying and taking nothing for granted!
Toggle Commented Apr 19, 2017 on Chatting With Fish About Water at JustOneMinute
How come all you Atlantians didn't tell us about your latest road anomaly? We have to find out about I-20 buckling from the Russians. It's getting rather embarrassing, JIB! We also had another bridge fire (without collapse this time), a chemical spill, and it's getting impossible to go anywhere...
Toggle Commented Apr 19, 2017 on Chatting With Fish About Water at JustOneMinute
Handel is mentioned in the top 3 but there is only a point or two difference according to the *polls*...for what they're worth! Anyone notice how many tweets President Trump has posted about this Ga. election? I think it is a foreshadowing of his involvement in 2018 midterms. What do you think?
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2017 on Chatting With Fish About Water at JustOneMinute
Thanks for the egg roll photos, MM. It's good to see the President and his family enjoying themselves and the children were adorable.
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2017 on Chatting With Fish About Water at JustOneMinute
Morning all! I have no fears about Ga. 6. I hope I'm not being naive but even the local media admit his only chance is to break 50% today and that is VERY unlikely. Nobody thinks he could win a run-off, regardless of which R is on the ballot. Still, I'm going to pray for the voters today.
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2017 on Chatting With Fish About Water at JustOneMinute
JIB - so glad to hear you are already up and about! KK - As you know, a pleasant countenance does not require beautiful features. Most people are not beautiful but the inner life is reflected on the face. Goodness, kindness, and a feeling of inner peace will shine on the face and is far more interesting than mere beauty. The opposite is also true.
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2017 on Chatting With Fish About Water at JustOneMinute
Yes, MM - if only they had not tried to shove it down our throat that M.O. was so "mar-ve-lous" in her fashion choices and body type - I would not comment on it. Didn't she once wear something backwards or inside out and the fashionistas raved about it? I enjoyed Michelle's Mirror during her WH days - they were the best source for analyzing her fashion faux pas and often times ugly facial expressions. That iconic photo of her glaring at Carla Bruni-Sarkozi is a favorite!
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2017 on Chatting With Fish About Water at JustOneMinute