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mom, patriot, southern
Interests: gardening, reading, cooking
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Hi ~ JOMers! I had a close call on Saturday - a head-on collision (not my fault)! Car was totaled - I was taken to Fayette/Piedmont then to Grady Trauma unit (for the Atl people). I'm still here - fractured C2 in 2 places. Spinal surgeons still debating whether to put hardware in my neck or not.. Grady trauma is great - the waiting floor is all you've ever heard about Grady. I'm ok though - my family is staying with me around the clock. Lots of spinal stuff going on here lately! I can't catch up but sending good wishes to Kev and others who are healing. Thanks for your prayers! Momto2 + Percocet, Dilaudid, & Morphine (not all at once!!!)
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Good morning! Can I just say that I love the recent surge in things like the Trump chicken memes and the Goolog signs by Sabo - it is well- deserved mockery and something that they hate. They think they are so important and serious and being the subject of ridicule and even laughter strikes at their (.......) - can't say "heart" as unsure of its existence.
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Guam is the US Exactly, henry! The AP's twitter writer is being schooled on several points this morning...
Here is a really tough question to ponder - thanks to the deep thinkers at the AP... (Bold by me) The Associated Press‏Verified account @AP If North Korea sent missiles toward Guam or the US, could the US missile defense system shoot them down? Should it?
So is the GOPe insistent on becoming a minority party by continuing to bang the Russia monkey to satisfy the whopping 25% who claim to care about it? They all need to go. CH - They somehow have the misguided opinion that the $$$ they receive from some NeverTrumper donors will overcome the absolute *hatred* they are creating among potential voters. They will see!!! They can flood the airways, my mail, even stand on my front porch...I will never vote for one of them. (Also refuse to send one penny to the RNC because some of it will go to one of these worthless idiots!)
This is how bad it's gotten in GB. Jack Montgomery Verified account @JackBMontgomery 2h2 hours This is a real tweet from a real police constable. 6/5/17 #Transphobic #hate 8 #BurgessHill - Non-crime hate incident - Name calling between children. Under Investigation
Ha! Jon Ossoff will be leading a panel discussion at Netroots on Saturday about winning the 2018 midterm elections David Burge tweeted: Learn from the pros! Sign up for Ryan Leaf Quarterback Camp
I'm on the "Honey Badger" train!
STOCK MONSTER@StockMonsterUSA Aug 8 CNN saying Trump can't deal w/ North Korea b/c Crisis of Conscience. Meanwhile, CNN just hit 14th place behind Cartoon Channel for 31st Week!
Thanks, MM - yes, I always check President Trump's twitter first thing! Then, I come here to read your excellent links!
Wonder where he got that bright idea? Muslim mayor of London is tired of knife attacks so he’s cracking down … on violent YouTube videos
John Bolton‏Verified account @AmbJohnBolton 16h16 hours ago Our country & civilians are vulnerable today because @BarackObama did not believe in national missile defense. Let’s never forget that Amen!
Morning, MM ~ I saw that story before I turned in about the dead gay escort and the Dem. donor. Sounded like his mom wasn't going to let it always we can imagine if he were a Republican! I'm waking up happy - my son got his first real job yesterday (finished grad school last week). After applying for several positions all over the country he was hired by an engineering firm in Atlanta. I'll be *so* happy to have him close by.
Cute as a button, Stephanie! I know you are so happy. Enjoy every single minute.
Just got my laptop back! Apple Care is worth every penny. This entire twitter thread is hysterical! Title of article: Rural towns in the eclipse’s path brace for a flood of smartphone-toting visitors It fits right into the "cosmopolitan mindset" of so many. The comments and gifs are great! One example: "Some of us use tin cans and string, or tie messages to chickens."
MM - Best come back on the "dump" comment attributed to the President (which I don't believe) is that usually, that reflects on the former occupants of the house - Ha!
Hey - did everyone see this from the Boston Globe? Apparently, the Russians have hacked the solar eclipse!
What exactly are these (15/17 or whatever the latest number) of lawyers doing? Are they are just on retainer for the future? Are they investigating anything? I suspect this - "Well, Joe, what did you find when you looked into X?" "Sorry, Bob, there is absolutely nothing there - a total wash!" "Ok, - well someone's aunt said their nephew who used to work for Trump in 1990 heard that he said something about a hotel somewhere in Russia so can you follow up? It sounds like a promising development!!!" "OK - will do Bob - by the way, when do you mail out our checks? My travel expense check should be a whopper this month!"
I know we all know this but - honestly - the MSM has lost its everloving mind! TIME‏Verified account @TIME 4h4 hours ago "How to keep Donald Trump from spreading his toxic masculinity to future generations"
Tonto - I enjoyed your daughter's article very much! I'm sure you are immensely proud of her. I was introduced to a similar breakfast when I went to Europe with my parents. Being southerners, my dad was appalled when served "cold hard bread" for breakfast as well as cold boiled eggs. My mother and I found that their wonderful, strong coffee made anything taste divine! Plus their butter - oh my! I don't know about eliminating tomatoes...I'll have to pray about that!
So apparently there is a "leaked" audio of Jared Kushner addressing the interns at the White House. My first thought is - some intern need to go - TODAY! This is getting so ridiculous. (still catching up so forgive me if this has already been posted)
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I know I was listening during the Dan's Bake sale (May 1993) so probably a listener since 1991 or 1992. How does time go back so quickly? My grandmother used to tell me when she was in her 80's that time goes faster the older you get. That seems to be correct somehow. She also told me that in spite of how she looked on the outside, on the inside she still felt like she did when she was in her 20's - also true!
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Congratulations, Stephanie! Such a happy day for you and your family. Babies with hair are adorable (bows!!!)
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why haven't the Awan assets been frozen to prevent the whore wife in Pakistan from liquidating them? I'm convinced we here at JOM have more common sense in our little fingertips than these bureaucrats have in all their big fat noggins combined!
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They have been accused of stealing equipment...weren't the hard drives found in their former residence? (smashed with hammers I think) I still cannot get over the mind set that a low-level secretary needs more scrutiny than someone with IT skills and access to everyone's computers! "A secretary might listen in on some phone calls...but we're sure the IT guys won't try to look at anything they shouldn't while they are installing Word and Excel."
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