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mom, patriot, southern
Interests: gardening, reading, cooking
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MM - I love that story!!! I can just see grandpa's face and hear his ranting. Are families still enjoying those kinds of vacations? Somehow I doubt it. We never had a cabin but took turns between the beach and the mountains. The simple delights of playing card games, making s'mores, and just talking. There were no headphones to drown out the adult conversation so the kids listened and learned.
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2014 on And Not Loretta Lynn Either at JustOneMinute
"now he is talking about ISIS..." whoops - nope, he never says "ISIS" it is always "ISIL" with that last L drawn out. (We can't put any spotlight on Syria don't cha know?)
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2014 on The Obama Presser at JustOneMinute
Good Morning! Soooooo happy today. No run-offs in Ga. We sent the two re-tread names (Carter/Nunn) back from whence they came...The R's won just about everything here. I guess those predictions about Ga. turning purple were premature, incorrect, or maybe even *lies*. There is hope for morning in America again!
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2014 on Election Night at JustOneMinute
Way to go Georgia - Purdue winning it without a run-off!!! Now Michelle "Nunn" can change her name back to her real name (Martin). Husband has TV on in other room - they are lecturing the R's on how they MUST work with Obama - NOT a mandate for the Republicans - Ha Ha!
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2014 on Election Night at JustOneMinute
Just read Crist's request to extend hours in S. Fla. has been denied!! Up to their usual tricks I see...
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2014 on Election Night at JustOneMinute
Thanks Jane - I'm here often but mostly lurk and read. I just had to pipe up about the Ga. race....crossing fingers and toes that is true!
No run-off in Georgia? Do we dare believe?
This is worth watching just to see the SNL actor playing Chris Christie as he reminisces about O's hurricane visit! Bonus - the "Ebola Nurse" is spot on!
MM - I'm voting on Tues. too - here in Georgia! Voting is an event with us. We get dressed up, I put on my red, white and blue whatever and my flag pin. That's just how we roll here....oh and then out for a pancake breakfast! I will be doing my little part to keep that NUNN (not really her name) out of the Senate.
Toggle Commented Oct 31, 2014 on More Scary Marijuana Science at JustOneMinute
Weighing between "destabilizing West Africa" and "keeping my grandchildren alive", guess on which side I come down! MM - I agree 100%. As it seems litigation is the only thing that gets their attention - I hope some huge law firm starts running ads in D.C. "Did you or a loved one become ill due to lack of quarantine from West Africa? If you or a loved one became sick or even died due to this negligence you may be eligible for compensation....Call right away - DON'T DELAY - 1-800-LET'S SUE....
Toggle Commented Oct 27, 2014 on Sunday Afternoon at JustOneMinute
So far, I've noticed - rather than admit their dismal failure to plan or even to act responsibly - they've attempted to blame: -the nurses (failure to follow protocol) - Congress - (budget cuts) - Republicans - ( same as Congress) - the media - ( causing panic) typical...
Extraneus "They really don't care if people are infected with Ebola, except as it relates to negative publicity." Absolutely - that is why the "Czar" knows nothing about this disease or any other disease...he's there to try to control the PR nightmare that is looming - nothing else.
Are you sure? I'm not convinced that under republican administrations it was any better - below the surface. OK - I'm not saying these were not flawed before - but you have to admit there has been a 1000% deterioration in the last 6 years? No? Perhaps it was below the surface before and now it's not just above the surface but up on the mountain top.
Narcisco - I just watched Office Space for the first time... I think Iowahawk tweeted, "Yeah, I'm gonna need you to come in on Sunday" and that led me to finding it on Amazon. Milton was my favorite - hysterical!
MM - I'm sure you're sleeping now - but I agree with you! My confidence in the CDC is nil. It's just one more in the LONG line of things tainted beyond recognition by Obama! Things that weren't even political like the Secret Service, NASA, and now the CDC. Guess I really should not come and read this before bedtime. Makes it harder to shut off my brain :) Stay well everyone!
Anyone else watching Megyn's interview notice the irony? They showed clips of the guys in head to toe hazmat suits with portable interior oxygen supply - and then she shows the CDC sketch posted in hospitals with the face mask and the one pair of gloves while he insists it's safer to NOT wear head gear or foot protection?
My guess on Medved's 80% is it depends on how the question is worded... Probably something like this...."if an innocent child is brought against its will into the U.S. and knows NOTHING about any other culture or country, has no relatives in another country, etc. etc. and if said child happens to be a potential brilliant scientist, doctor, engineer, (pick one) - Do You Believe the Mean Old White Republicans should send that poor little child back to another country where he has nobody to take care of him????? Where he will get no education???? Where his potential as a brillliant scientist, doctor, or engineer will never be reached???? Something like that!
Here is a perhaps naive and silly question ..... why can't the committee bring up one, two, or more of the "survivors" of the Benghazi attack and question them? It seems their experience would be beyond reproach - especially if they know that they were calling (begging) for help. And anyway - where are those people today? I remember one story where a man said his son survived - had multiple injuries (including broken bones) and was being treated at Walter Reed. Anyone else know of this?
We can't compete on giving more freebies, or on identity-group terms - the Dems will always be better at that than we are.-- I cannot remember if it was posted here but one of the better analogies I've heard is the child of a divorced couple. One parent wants the child to go to bed at the proper time, eat healthy food with limited sweets, study, etc. etc. SO THAT they will be healthy and successful. The other parent lets the child stay up until all hours, fills the house with junk food, gives in to almost any demand..... Which parent will the child choose to live with? Maybe, if the child had life experiences - had held a job, gotten a paycheck, realized the benefits of healthy living, but they have never done this - so the "good" parent is shoved aside for the "fun" parent....
Toggle Commented Nov 19, 2012 on Sunday Morning at JustOneMinute
Oops... sorry the right side of the photo (will Jill in the boots) did not post! I am a novice html user.... you can just see the top of one in the right corner.
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2012 on Too Many Generals at JustOneMinute
Here is the photo with the boots I mentioned above.... I notice this dress also resembles a black slip....
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2012 on Too Many Generals at JustOneMinute
Has anyone commented on the appropriateness of unpaid social liaison (for an Air Force base) Jill Kelley's attire? Well... I will comment that I think it looks trashy - that little beige number resembles a slip! And if you notice - the photo from the "Pirate Parade" with all of the couples - her dress is short, and black and she appears to be wearing some sort of thigh-high black boots - she would not make it through Rush at any of our SEC schools down south!!
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2012 on Too Many Generals at JustOneMinute
I saw that he took her to Paris just as he was entering his position with CIA - so that appears it was going on previously - also makes me wonder about her husband.... doesn't he wonder why his wife is flying all over the world with this general? Guess I"m just "old fashioned"....but my husband would have serious questions. Paris Trip
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2012 on After Petraeus at JustOneMinute
I am so sad that my own words fail....I feel like Frodo tonight....Frodo: I wish the Ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened. Gandalf: So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. There are other forces at work in this world, Frodo, besides the will of evil.
Toggle Commented Nov 7, 2012 on The Big Night Is Upon Us at JustOneMinute
Porchlight -Dorothy Bernard was a silent film star born in the 1890's I don't know much about her - I just saw her quote and liked it - AND thought it was appropriate for my feelings tonight :)
Toggle Commented Nov 7, 2012 on The Big Night Is Upon Us at JustOneMinute