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mom, patriot, southern
Interests: gardening, reading, cooking
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They finally solved this perplexing mystery!
Although, Deb, I suppose we shouldn't be wishing that for RG! (who else is in Fla. Jane?) :)
I just pray they stay on I-75 all the way through GA to their new homes in FL. Amen, Deb!
Prayers for Emma, Will and JamesD's mom! Also for Lyle!
"When they can't destroy the Republican with the media, they don't know how to win!" Rush
I'm hoping it was like this:
Did anyone monitor the Meeka/Joe show this a.m.? I'm sure that cabal was down in the dumps!
Long thread but some good points! Once again, Trump isn’t popular in this district. But you know what’s a lot less popular? Riots. Morons in black masks with clubs. Kids who’ve never thought about paying a mortgage telling you you’re a terrible person because you wouldn’t vote for a corrupt old liar in a pantsuit. Several tweets spliced together.
David Burge‏ @iowahawkblog 57m57 minutes ago This just in: cornpone Georgia hicks sell Brooklyn Bridge to visiting California city slickers for $25 million
jimmyk - more of the same as they grasp at straws. "Yes, we lost all of the 4 or 5 races so far but it's really *good* for us because ...XYZ!" And can I just say that I am continually insulted by their discussion of "college educated" voters and the implication that only high school dropouts with bad teeth would vote for Trump and his candidates!
Adding my prayers for Lyle today. Overcast day but feels like the sun is shining in Georgia! I guess we aren't going to talk about the election (MSM) non-stop for days as we would have, had there been a different outcome? Just a wild guess...
Thanks for the ABC link at 11:26 jimmyk. Did you notice during her speech the room erupted when she thanked President Trump? They began chanting, "Trump, Trump, Trump!" Yet, CNN says these Republicans were "reluctant Trump voters" - HA!
I do hope someone posts some of the TV election coverage on YouTube. Since I don't watch TV but I love seeing their little hopes all dashed and trampled!
The Slimes weighs in.... NYT Politics‏Verified account @nytpolitics Handel averted a humiliating upset for Republicans in a suburban Atlanta seat they have held for nearly 40 years ! (how about that for spinning?)
In other news.... WOWK/Alyssa Meisner‏ @wowkalyssa BREAKING: Kanawha Sheriff Deputies on scene say body found on Coco Rd is a possum NOT human
Congrats Democrats for the most expensive congressional loss in history~
You know good and well if he had won the would be shouting it from the rooftops that it was a slam to President Trump! They are sooooo duplicitous it's not even funny!
Deb - they are shooting the next Avengers movie now at the studio where my daughter works! Georgia was very smart to give the tax incentives to the movie industry.
So perfect!! On Twitter Ben Jacobs: Brief and scattered shouts of "not my congresswoman" at the Ossoff event Then David Martosko tweets back: Well, if #Ossoff were saying it, he wouldn't be lying Bhaaaaaaaa!
Oh, thanks, Deb! She has brought lots of sunshine into our lives! She makes my husband smile which is her most important job.
Dave - that is too great! @10:10 Anyone else think Karen Handel looks like the actress from Justified and The Americans? (Margo Martingale)
YES! Not only did the dems throw $50 mil down the toilet - they irritated the heck out of everyone - all over the state! Someone on FB was talking about voting today - her friends were saying, "But you don't live in the 6th District!" "Well hell, why have I been bombarded by all these &*%^*( ads for months and months???" Everyone is sick, sick, sick of tossoff!
Just caught up on the last thread. When you research genealogy, history seems much closer. My grandfather lived with his grandfather who had fought in the civil war. Before the war, he was in medical school. After the war, his confederate money was useless so he tried to farm to survive. He had been wounded which affected his walking. That's why my grandfather moved in to help him. He told me many stories that his grandfather told him of their hardships. I have his Confederate musket and fiddle.