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This is biggest train wreck Microsoft has ever put out. - don't take my words for it, they fired Steve Synofsky head of windows division as soon as win 8 hit the market. Somebody's got to take the blame and why would you let him go if it was such a great success and full of innovations? Go figure... Anyway, Win 8 was nothing but an extremely desperate attempt by MS to gain a foothold in the mobile/tablet space. All I see was MS taking a shot blindfoldedly and hitting the spot in no man's land between pc's and mobile/tablet space. For one, I no longer use the monochrome black/white palm hardware that I used more than 10 years ago, why would I go back and use a 2-colored icons in Metro when I have literally millions of colors at my disposal with the latest mobile/tablet hardware? iOS/Droid have been using dazzling colorful icons for years now, and all you can come up with is a 2 colored icons? - I'm so passing on this... Now going to the pc's, what exactly am I gaining by upgrading to 8? My laptops are not touchscreens, and as many mentioned already, touchscreens have limited use if you have a keyboard and mouse on your desktop/laptop. Metro isn't exactly optimizing the use of my LCD monitor space and I'm really really confused between the metro interface and the switch to traditional windows desktop. It's like they came up with this superb-does-it-all metro UI one day, and yet they kept the old desktop around just in case the new one isn't good enough. Who are we really kidding here??? History says it all: * iPod vs. Zune (what is zune????) * iPhone vs. Win Phone (48% market share vs. 3%) * iPad vs. Surface (Apple is going into 3rd/4th generation while realizing sh*tload of money already, surface is still well scratching the surface) * MacOSX vs Windows (Windows XP and 7 were great, but Windows 8...please!) Honestly as much as I like to see windows succeed, I'm growing tired of having to cope with MS's 2-3 year product release cycles and learn to use new interfaces when all they've done was repackage the old system with new UI's.
Toggle Commented Dec 13, 2012 on Betting the Company on Windows 8 at Coding Horror
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Dec 13, 2012