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Recent Activity I just learned of this site, Thumbs up from me.
This could get terribly confusing if the "race card" can actually get played here.
I keep waiting and hoping for B.O. to be relieved of command.He is so unfit for duty.I am finding it all hard to believe this is really happening.
If it walks like a duck aaaaand it Quacks like a duck........
Common sense should tell this dude,When there's something floating around in the punch bowl that looks like a baby ruth, TURN THE LIGHTS ON. Don't pull a Pelosi and say we have to drink it to see what's in it!! Robert is not making this stuff up.The Proverbs say,Complacency will be the death of a fool.
I just signed the petition, I hope Robert gets to speak there. Since when should a Church not welcome the Truth? God bless you all.
I was pleasantly surprised to hear you on the radio today, EXCELLENT!!!! BRAVO!!!!!! and ENCORE!!!!!!!!
It's like Dylan said, "You're gonna have to serve somebody"
I can understand some one being that stupid,but I cannot understand how he can get anyone to believe him.
I hope no one thinks less of me ,but the first thought I had when I saw that picture was to swat that poor fly with a sledge hammer. Please forgive me.
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2013 on Like flies to ...... at Atlas Shrugs
What difference does it make at this point? Exactly what point are we referring to? Post election point? Point of no return to Constitutional Government? Point of being totally discredited? OR did she mean After stalling for SOOOOOO Long that we're supposed to not care about the lives that were taken on her watch?
Is it just me or does this seem like a really bad time to disarm Americans? I mean real Americans not divided loyalty to islam underground jihadist pseudo-Americans.
I heard the term "anti islam ads" the same presstitute play on words are used with "anti immigration"/ anti illegal immigration, anti jihad. I talk to low information people regularly and have witnessed the effects this type of twisted info has on well meaning but sadly misinformed people.How many muslim atrocities does it take before someone sees where it is coming from?
Thank you for giving me a big dose of hope,God bless everyone who has a hand in spreading the truth.
His mug looks like he got the islamic memo about widening his anus to accomodate explosives. Ouch!!!
I recently watched the movie Hotel Rawanda,The whole mess was started the same way Mac described. Tutsi vs Hutu.Thanks for the insight Pam and nevermind the peanut gallery.
It's hard to say which is the lesser of two evils in the syrian conflict.
@ Choi, I guess tone down the rhetoric doesn't apply to the muslims repeated calling for the destruction of Israel or genocide against the Copts.bonhomme needs a word association program before communication can be established.
@bonhomme, Rigid adherence to the the principals indeed.Are The 10 commandments Fundamental enough for you? When Jesus was asked which one is most important he said to love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself, and to do to others the way you wish to be treated. That is as fundamental as it gets.Ghandi did and excellent job at it until some muslim killed him.
OK bonhomme, Your mastery of the english language is lacking on the definition of Fundamental,Biblical definition for religion undefiled is to visit widows and orphans in their afflictions,to obey the laws of the land,Live peacefully as much as is possible with everyone.These things are fundamental in Judeo Christian doctrine,It is what has allowed mankind to advance as far as it has.I don't know Hindu except that they are NOT continuosly murdering people in the the name of their faith.Muslims are.If Good Muslims are the ones who follow the quran and that book is what tells them to murder everyone else.Murder is Fundamental to islam.
This article addresses what I have seen coming for some time and to me what should be obvious yet when I share my concerns in public I am often perceived as racist xenophobe intolerant etc etc.. anything but genuine concern.The economic effect has become a national security issue as well as bypassing assimilation and allegiance to this country.Demagoguery rabbel rousing have been effective tools to divide this country and it is even more effective on our neighbors to the south who look at this side of the border as a pinata.Dereliction of duty seems to apply to everyone in charge of national security.That is assuming this is just caused by negligence.
Pam you could quote Judge Judy,"Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining" That's what they're all about. They are transparent to the informed. Keep it up!!!!!
I heard on the radio that, Women who were abuse victims with restraining orders against their attackers and trying to keep their location safe and secret were on the gun owner list. What next?
Do ya think they got the memo that gives them permission to widen their anus?
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Dec 28, 2012