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Sandy P
Rye NY
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Assault weapons ban A bill that does nothing but produce FEEL GOOD DECISION.!
Anne, I must tell you, both my husband and I feel the same way about the Mayor and the City Manager. I find it absolutely astonishing that the district attorney's office has not investigated what the hell is going on in city hall and at RGC. Kudos to you girl, for using your real name. I wish I could but my other half would flip his lid.
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Will armed school teachers make children safer?
A Giant Gaping Hole in Sandy Hook Reporting. Right on the money.
@ French 4 Mayor1013, It amazes me that French believes he will be successful for a run in 2013. The only thing he will accomplish in running is he will once again embarrass his family, supporters & few friends that he has left. Even Rico the family pooch will be embarrassed should he decide to run. French is vindictive and if I know him, he will try to create a problem for Sack should Joe decide to run. Not that it will affect the outcome but it will account for a lot of mudslinging. Personally I think he has had enough of politics. He only did this to climb the social ladder in Rye and that blew up in his face. Astorino’s going to run from him like a hot potato as it gets closer to the elections. Should French decide to run without the blessing from the ninth floor in White Plains, it’s my bet you will see him criminally charged with his tax fraud escapades from the County DA’s office. His best bet is to keep his mouth shut, put his tail between his legs & walk into the sunset side by side with Rico. That would save us all from one more scandal in Rye.
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Hello All, I wanted to share with concerned Parents a question; If the Mayor is so concerned about our children and our schools why did he cheat the schools and the children out of School Tax money? Hypocrite is his name.
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Here is what this gun debate is about and it has nothing to do with who is carrying guns. It’s about this poor mother and her unfortunately sick deranged child that she cared for and struggled with her entire life. Did anyone ever think that Adam Lanza killed his mother to get access to her guns? Now what the Urinal News did is create a list for others stricken with Adams issues, a list where gun access could be easier than shooting your own mother. Let’s just rob the neighbors guns when they are not home, get the guns and now we can use the same list (also complements of the Urinal News) to determine where we can shoot people that have no guns. The possibilities her are enormous thanks to the Urinal News. I cancelled my subscription last week.
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Jan 2, 2013