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I've always assumed Felecia would choose Frisco. I've been extremely critical of Mac in the past because he seemed to be written as a romanticized eunuch. He simply exist to raise other people's kids, listen to other people's relationship problems, be Felecia's second choice or Alexis's friend. To borrow a line from Jax from earlier this week, Mac is the "Fall Back Guy." His act was tacky, but at least he showed some passion. Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes had a hit--If You Don't Know Me by Now--that that is apt for this situation. Most people are probably more familiar with the Simply Red cover. Felecia can choose Frisco, and that's okay. Mac can finally be free and on move on with his life. I remember seeing Teresa Castillo on "How I Met Your Mother," and she's still fine. Now, Sabrina needs to start acting like an adult and not a middle school kid. Quiz looked great. It was interesting to see Michael sitting with the Quartermaines and not have to hear Carly and Sonny complain about it. Sonny was too busy reffing the fight between Carly and Brenda.
@Steph I would love for AJ to see Emily's ghost, so he could apologize for pushing her during his rampage through the Quartermaine Mansion in 2005. I've been riding with AJ since 1999, but that misdeed has bothered me the most about him.
Correction. Suzanne came with the hilarious narration. Even though AJ is my favorite character, I'm taking this strange pleasure in everyone eviscerating him.
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2013 on So Utterly Trivial! at Serial Drama
@Ladybug If I wasn't so lazy, I'ld get screengrabs from Liz's Death Stare and put your narration in thought ballons throughout the series like a comic book. "I can't believe I thought about dating yo stank ass." Ladybug, that was on point.
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2013 on So Utterly Trivial! at Serial Drama
I must have waken up in the Twilight Zone because a woman shows some backbone on General Hospital. Ellie, you're second only to AJ for my adoration on the show. I find her more interesting than any new character introduced on the show in the last five years.
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Jan 25, 2013