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I watched it all this weekend and several episodes twice---to hone in on the details. Great series great acting. I deliberately didn't watch the Commercial Bowl (I'm Commercial Bowl free for 4 years now). And got out of the house to enjoy the ghost lands out there. Very nice. Very nice people out there, too. Kindreds. So I didn't watch anything during the C-Bowl. But, back to the House: I found it very very enjoyable. Mostly good, taut writing with some nice diversions---e.g. The Sentinel Library alcohol crawl. I find it compelling that the main character is a senior member of the House of Representatives, is poised on the heartbeat doorstep to be the V. Pres. of the US and is a murderer. Not that strange I guess, compared to reality, seeing as how millions tuned in to watch a murderer play football and get lauded. I was disappointed viscerally when the "Next Season S2-E1" screen didn't come up. Yeah, jonesing. I think I'll re-watch a few more.
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Feb 4, 2013