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There is probably no better way to enjoy delicious summer foods than roasting them on your well-loved barbecue grill. Enjoy the taste of summer even more by pairing your dishes with awesome V2 Cigs Flavors. One great thing about grilling is that you do not actually need to have the... Continue reading
Although the FDA's proposed regulations on electronic cigarettes have been out for a few weeks already, it remains to be a hot topic among opponents and proponents on the industry. In fact, FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg wrote a letter to NYT to clarify the proposals. Independent Researcher, consultant and CASAA... Continue reading
Taste is subjective. It is a personal choice and preference that might differ from one person to another. Whatever your preferred taste is, V2Cigs flavors could be tailored to exactly fit what you like. Whether you want a simple vanilla with a little tweak or a great slice of tiramisu,... Continue reading
Electronic cigarettes are great smoke substitutes. Among the things that make them more advantageous than traditional cigarettes is that they are more convenient to carry or take with you. However, your personal vaporizers are electronic devices that you ought to take care of if you want to make the most... Continue reading
Despite the ruling of the European Parliament to regulate electronic cigarettes as consumer products, the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority in the UK is determined to persuade manufacturers and distributors to apply for a medicine license for e-cigarettes. Two of the top ecig companies in Britain have already started their... Continue reading
Svapoday-la protesta is the working group that organized a peaceful and authorized protest for electronic cigarettes in Milan, Italy. This peaceful ecig protest will be held for two days: 12-6 PM on January 26 and 12-1 PM January 27 outside State Monopoly headquarters in Piazza San Babilia. There will be... Continue reading
Manufacturers of electronic cigarettes often say that these devices are better than real cigarettes because they can be used in virtually all places. However, these past years of ecig popularity has also caused many public officials (state/county/city) and businesses to decide whether they will allow ecigarette use or not in... Continue reading
Many believe that electronic cigarettes give smokers a choice in avoiding tobacco, its foul odor and its second hand smoke. Targeted At Young Consumers Ecigs are unjustly opposed. These products contain no tobacco and do not burn tobacco, but detractors are arguing they are tobacco and should be regulated as... Continue reading
V2 Cigs products are among the highly rated ecigarette products in the market today. This is most likely because the high quality products not only promise, but actually delivers satisfaction in vaping. You need not waste money or take any chances on this because the company completely backs its V2... Continue reading
Quality and satisfaction are the things you are promised to get from V2 Cigs. However, these are not the only things that this trusted ecig brand can offer. With V2 Batch Testing, you also get an assurance and feel the confidence about what you are vaping. The Confidence To Vape... Continue reading
For adult smokers, ecigarettes are godsend. Through these innovative products, they are able to free themselves from the deathly clasps of cigarette smoking. However, the benefits of ecigs are not enough to erase possible risks of the products, according to some health experts. One possible risk comes from ecig nicotine.... Continue reading
The new year of 2014 has already begun, but it certainly is far from over. The celebration for welcoming this brand new year is, in fact still fresh in our minds. For smokers whose resolution is to pursue a brand new life free from tobacco cigarettes this year, the V2... Continue reading
Tobacco advertising ban has been enforced for so many years that when those hard core antismoking groups and individuals see something resembling smoking on radio, TV and print ads, they certainly react with such intense opposition. Ecig ads, for example, are subjected to such scrutiny and rejection. Ecig Ads On... Continue reading
We have heard and read more stories than necessary from parties that are against electronic cigarettes. The vaping community has remained silent long enough that vapers like Stephanie Rafanelli are now starting to speak up and testify for these marvelous devices. One recent article on was about Rafenelli's life... Continue reading
The governor of Oklahoma, Mary Fallin, has signed the executive order that prohibits using vaporizing devices before Christmas 2013. This ecig ban that the governor justifies by saying that the ecig industry is not regulated and might pose health dangers to citizens of the state has received disapproval from Oklahomans.... Continue reading
The new year of 2014 has begun and many people have also started their healthy living resolutions. Thus, many smokers now prefer to buy an electronic cigarette starter kit instead of a cigarette pack. With so many ecig brands offering various starter kits, it can be quite confusing which one... Continue reading
The NYC ecig ban is one of the laws that former mayor Michael Bloomberg signed and approved before leaving his office on the second to the last day of 2013. While Bloomberg, city council members and anti-smoking advocates think that this is good legislation; Audrey Silk, a known smoking right... Continue reading
Conservative MP for Totnes, Sarah Wollaston is a former GP who has rejected the advice of public health officials regarding electronic cigarettes as unsuitable tool in giving up smoking. The battery operated ecigarettes produce vapor instead of smoke because it vaporizes a liquid solution rather than burn tobacco. These devices... Continue reading
The new year of 2014 has started and beginnings of new years are perfect opportunities taken advantage by many people to start their healthier living. One of the things these healthy living involve is to kick smoking habit. Kicking one's smoking addiction can be taxing and challenging. It is a... Continue reading
Ecig flavors are intensely opposed and attacked by the detractors of the electronic cigarette products.According to these groups, these flavors are not really aimed for adult smokers and consumers, but for youths and children. Thus, they demand that regulators and legislators deem these flavors not to be used on electronic... Continue reading
Tobacco is perhaps a classic and essential part of legislation. Yet, now that electronic cigarettes are available in the market for the numerous smokers around the world, both tobacco and ecig have become the favorite issues among the legislative and regulatory bodies in this year of 2013. A few more... Continue reading
American smokers usually include in their New Year's resolution list to quit smoking. More often than not, the same resolution is again included the following year because smoke cessation is one of the many goals that are hard to accomplish. However, the challenge in quitting smoking is something that can... Continue reading
Last December 16, President Lou Ritter of AEMSA along with Keller and Heckman LLP's Azim Chowdhury met with the representatives of OMB/OIRA to discuss the proposed and possible ecig regulation. American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association or AEMSA presented during the meeting its points on the possible impact that inappropriate ecig... Continue reading
Eliquid ingredients are often among the topic of debates by electronic cigarette pros and antis. Anti-vaping groups claim that ecigarettes have ingredients that are harmful and toxic and that vaping is equally harmful as tobacco smoking. When it comes to harm caused by the ingredients of ecigarettes and real cigarettes,... Continue reading
World Vaping Organization or WVO is a non-profit ecig organization. It serves as the muscle of the vaping community across the globe. As a muscle of the industry, it aims to defend the community against questioning politicians, controlled media, rogue scientists, biased organizations and more. WVO's approach is one that... Continue reading