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oh yeah, one more thing for glamity58: whether adam gets "out of hand" or not, and i for one am all for that, he's always, always, always about the music. if you were really a fan of adam's, you'd know this.
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oh please i hope nobody thinks all of adam's ~fans are like this vile glamity58 person. she's a homophobe, plain and simple. she tries to disguise it under concern about adam's career but it's easy to see what she's really about. i'm disgusted that she's implying adam should be ashamed of being gay. i have lots of friends who love adam like i do and that's not who we are at all. i'm excited that adam was asked to perform at miami pride and love the reception that he's been given. here's to an amazing show, hope everyone going has a great time :D
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Apr 14, 2013