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@glamity58, fans like you are an embarrassment to Adam and to the fans who love him as he is. Adam is going to be performing for his LGBT brothers and sisters - and their genuine allies. If there were ever an event where he should feel free to let his freak flag fly (and make no mistake, he has one...and it's glittery!), it's an event like Pride. You really need to stop infesting the comments sections at After Elton and other gay sites, professing your "tolerance" while spewing homophobic garbage like you are here. Incidentally, it isn't an OTT performance at a live event that will hurt him in his career - it is the unfair perception that his fanbase is entirely comprised of people like you. I'm sure you also go around to radio station sites when they have Adam stories, talking how he reminds you of Elvis, and how you never listen to the radio (i.e. THE STATION ON WHOSE SITE YOU'RE POSTING COMMENTS) because all of today's pop music is garbage, and asking why they're snubbing Adam. They're snubbing him at least partially because his ~fans tell them they don't listen to the frigging radio!
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Apr 14, 2013