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Vote going forward at 3:30 eastern. We shall see. (MacIver Institute tweet)
Spicer didn't look too happy talking about it in the press conference
DR J, if you show signs of accepting Trump... no capital for you.
I'm sure he's wrong Miss M. The spin is amusing though.
Early victory lap from the #NeverTrump endzone?
Nunes had another press conference. Didn't reveal anything. Said Comey & Rogers would be in for a new meeting-- closed for security reasons. Press took a "no wiretap" comment and ran with it. (Creative quotation is all they have remaining).
oops, that was a replay of yesterday
Miss M, they do those everywhere.
Magical thinking is returning in a big way. Not a surprise given logic is banned from schools as patriarchical.
narciso, that alone points to a pure political op.
sbw, an audit file of the server log would be instructive. So would an audit of the service config file. But those tend to be very simple files without much protection around them. Nobody audits the audit. They are easy to manipulate.
Miss M, that is in the networking weeds. I can follow the argument, but I don't know the details well enough to tell. It appears whoever planted the "evidence" made a mistake.
The TransCanada Pipeline is a go. Warren Buffet hardest hurt.
PD, why do I get the impression EasyVerify is not used on those submitted SSN's?
Jane, we have to wait and see. The guess is NSA spills all to the committee tomorrow... the "smoking gun" in the article that documents Obama ordering "incidental" surveillance of Trump. Even if that happens, I expect Nunes to hold his cards close until FBI responds. Then the smoking gun is revealed and all hell breaks loose. Note this is all within the 2 week window Trump spoke of. Plus we do not know what info Trump has, and whether it matches what Nunes has. As they say, stock up on popcorn and something to wash it down with.
"associates" could be as close as some one else from manhattan.
Rocco, this guy has been in the weeds for 2 years and is a questionable source going back 10 years. Nunes info relates to surveillance last year Nov to Jan this year. Obviously a different set of info. Montgomery is not Nunes source. He may be a deep state ploy to bury the real info Nunes has. We must be careful here, and only accept high grade sources.
Rocco, Nunes has pure gold now. why dilute it with shit from that source?
I knew the name rang a bell with Walker tweeting about landing a new factory, Haribo opens first US plant in Kenosha. Yes the gummi bears of amazon review fame. "powerwash your intestines" etc.
house to vote tonight
thinks a vote tonight. missed the changes, something about eliminating required coverages, making tax cuts immediate, banning more money in block grants for states which expanded medicaid already.
per Spicer, more house members to WH for more negotiations this afternoon.
given judges ok'd the FISA warrants, and judges OKd the John Doe warrants... I don't think a judge's imppression of the reality of a box of disk drives means much.
new thread... someone with the "last page" thing needs to stop by there.