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rse, MS and Accenture? two firms that figured out how to sell a failure, then sell "fixes" at intervals as business plans. The problem is once digitized, it can be stolen. Blockchain is the latest mumbo jumbo to hide that fact for a while.
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Clarice... the problem is the Senate bill changes nothing. It re-arranges deck chairs. The cost drivers that make insurance unaffordable remain.
Stupid ilegales. Voces de la Frontera is floating an argument that we have to have snactuary cities and drivers licences for illegales because its not safe for them to drive to work and panic if they see a cop. Hint: if they were here legally, that would not be a problem. assholes.
Clarice... perhaps Congress could imitate Admiral Farragut and "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead." Oh right, that would require a spine and integrity.
Iggy, they fear chaos when the current "system" ends. Chaos is opportunity for savings and market innovation... but not for graft. Ergo "it complicated to end this."
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OK RG, I'll hold your beer. :)
Toggle Commented 2 hours ago on Health Care That's Always A Scare at JustOneMinute
RG, I grew up in Missouri. Brilliance is assigned ex post, not ex ante.
Toggle Commented 2 hours ago on Health Care That's Always A Scare at JustOneMinute
rse, lets move the UN to Baltimore and see if they change their minds. (ps, they have to live there too).
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RG, dap for the brilliant plan? Nope. not yet. Let me put it this way: how do you take a mark to the cleaners? Make him think he is doing something brilliant. This is a key feature of every scam from the Nigerian with money stuck somewhere to the movie "The Sting." From what I see, we are the mark.
Toggle Commented 3 hours ago on Health Care That's Always A Scare at JustOneMinute
Speaking of WI, occupooping Senate offices. these people are amateurs though.. wheelchairs are so 80s. they need to bicyclelock their heads to a file cabinet at a minimum.
Trump, cutting Amtrak excess. In this case the "Empire Builder" from Chicago to Seattle. Need that track for freight anyway.
i cant type today... it was a ZH link
Well... IL man arrested for facebook threats to knife Trump. Edwardsville, also near St Louis (and Belleville). Must be the water.
Thanks Ralph!
CH, not sure, but the medicaid expansions definitely get funded through 2020. Note the guy claims mandates are gone, but the text says mandate tax penalty rates go to $0... so he is a bit loose with language.
The expensive bits like pre-existing conditions and coverage mandates appear to be unchanged. I have seen no mention of these (except abortion).
The Zh take on the Senate bill. Gives subsidies illegal immigrants if they are working in the United States Subsidies based on 350% Federal Poverty Level, not 400%. Gets rid of business and consumer mandates with no penalty Qualified plans don't need to provide abortion coverage unless it's to save the life of the mother Each state gets 15-10 Billion for uninsurables Cadillac tax is gone OTC med tax is gone HSA penalty tax is 10% Prescription tax is gone Medical device tax is gone Business owners can deduct part d expense again Deductible medical expenses are back to 7.5% instead of 10% AGI Tanning tax is gone (ironic) Net investment tax is gone HSA deductibility will be adjusted every year for COLA Both spouses can now make catch-up contributions to a family HSA 60 day limitation to setting up an HSA account when first getting the plan for purposes of a current claim No coverage for abortion clinics Repeal of cost-sharing subsidy MLR set by states Grants for states battling opiod addiction (like mine) CHIP is reauthorized $5,000 app fee to create small business association health pool Psychiatric coverage is limited to institutionalized individuals only, and for stays up to 30 days but not to exceed 90 days The Senate draft health-care bill doesn’t currently include a provision penalizing people who don’t maintain continuous coverage
against bill as written.
Rand plus 3 .
barbara: the pdf is here:
Given all of that, more than half the pages were rewiring IRS code with word swaps (but no ready link to what was changed)... so nobody has any idea what most of this does unless they've memorized the entire tax code.
Barbara, some nibbling on the HSA and Flex spending plans... mostly restoring them to pretax status for payroll deductions, but other tweaks as well. If they broke that piece out and trashed the rest, it would be a mild, but helpful thing.
Ralph, as far as I could tell, they upped the subsidies to the exchange insurers (and backdated as legal the ones Obama illegally paid). This bill lowers taxes (after the end of the period for which it gets scored) and increases subsidies, but the exchanges and medicare expansions are saved somehow. The CBO score should be hysterically funny.
I read the stupid pdf. (Have payroll software, must know how much reprogramming to budget).
Individual and employer mandates reset to $0 dollars, but still in the law. (removed without bothering to actually remove them). Some taxes go away, medical devices, and taxes on insurance plans... after 2020. They are pulling a fast one until they can get rid of Trump.