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A Chicago crony model primer that gave us Obama, Durbin, etc. Milwaukee is similar (both city and county), which is part of why they hate Walker so much for reducing their opportunities for graft.
Yeah, 16 more months of Reid Unleashed! (Similar to Obama Unleashed!, but only the eye is black).
A gift for Rick B and other OPM afficiandos from our Chitown lurker, How Chicago used Financial Engineering. Detroit are mere pikers in comparison.
Harry Reid retiring? Must be nothing left to plunder.
Jane, no worries. A certain Chigagoan pinged me about it somewhat after the fact as well, hence the delay in the fix.
A new web site devoted to John Doe matters. Lots of court filings & warrants available here.
Jane, hence the oops at 12:31.
From our Chitown friend, Putin institutes draft, calls up 150,000 draftees. May be for a parade, through Kiev.
Apparently the President of Yemen fled Aden by boat.
Ooops, computer memory is not my friend today. Walker's response.
Um, not Jane's Island-- TK would have strict immigration controls in place. Underage Poontang Island that Bill's friend has is more likely.
NK, I plan to enjoy the headline for now and drink mass quantities of beer if it gets to discovery.
Walker reponds to the Menard hit piece. He also hired a Romney staffer, Matt Hall. Whoever that is.
This is amusing, Shrillary! hit with racketeering lawsuit over emails. Larry Klayman so who knows, but a nice headline tossed in from IL.
Yup OL, Hit went full click bait for comments.
Finally getting to the WSJ this morning. Nice editorial nuking from orbit of the John Doe Special Prosecutor and Milwaukee Journal Sentinal complaining about leaks to the WSJ, while leaks from the DA side could drain an ocean in minutes. "Secret Prosecution Games."
Mark Levin - who must read JOM might post as DuDa to keep us agitated for his show prep. ;)
Hmm, link got effed up try again on GAB
Heh, corrupt GAB guy wants legislature to rewrite campaign finance law his way. Welcome to hell little snowball, if you are cold I can turn up the heat.
Speaking of things Mel tosses over the wall Russia demands US remove nukes from Europe. O will show flexibility by bending over in a 540 for Vlad, making Reggie jealous.
A more serious note from the lurking one-- for MissM: Two GOP sources tell me Eric Holcomb will run for the Indiana Senate seat being vacated by Dan Coats. He'll have the senator's support.
OK, something got in the Chicago water supply. Our lurker notes SMOD weighs in on 2016.
Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain