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Mugabe has more economic sense than Obama.
Climate Conference update, ht our lurking unit
Rick, the free fuel crowd already leave their furnaces on full with windows open all winter. Exactly what part of a carbon tax will they see?
NK, yes
My memory has Sheldon living in the same entryway as Steyer.
Of course, China willing to be bought off by Obama. That military buildup is not going to pay for itself.
TK, per the NYT... its OK as long as you emit sulfates.
I though sulfates caused acid rain.
I'll believe we have a carbon problem when Obama's motorcades are on bicycles instead of SUVs.
from our lurking unit: For Narciso. @thehill: Adele says Palin is responsible for her success:
Well, from the title I thought it would be the MSM referring to George & Wheezy "movin on up" as a role model for Ben... but the MSM having mo idea how the constitution came to be or what is in it is less surprising.
Rick, workplace violence (Ft Hood) and consumer product accidents (pressure cooker problems) don't count as terrorism.
From rse's link, a list of "tech" hotbeds: Akron, OH Baltimore, MD Birmingham, AL Cincinnati, OH Lynchburg, VA Maine New Haven, CT Newark, NJ New Orleans, LA Oakland, CA Pittsburgh, PA Rhode Island San Jose, CA Washington, DC ---- note, the WH can't find any towns in Maine so whichever pine tree will do,
Looks like Rand just put a turtle on a post over federal funding of refugees in public housing. (ht, Lurking Unit)
OL, I think extraneus does the narcisolator stuff these days... (was bgates way back when)
Dondi = Rubio (I think)
DuDa, have another fifth on Soros... that was funny.
Must be the painkillers for that "sports" injury. Tennis elbow from 8 ounce curls? I think the problem is made worse by the HUD placement of "low income" housing in prosperous suburbs. No bus lines, so its not like the feared gang bangers move into these empty yet subsidized vipers nests. So they await tenants -- subsidized jihadis?
Dems focus today? banning "semiautomatic assault weapons", which they didn't know included damn near everything. Oh Crap! all that wind blew my canoe lord only knows where only for it to sink with all my semiautomatic assault weapons!!!
Jeff, I would only be surprised if one of my observations were unique. Well, scratch that. Obama doing something in the interests of the United States would also surprise me.
Yes, soccer fans are that sophisticated. See esp. English Soccer fans and hooliganism.
Heh, I was the only guy in typing class in 8th grade (already knew card punch keying)... keeping my eyes of the keys was easy... looking at the pages to be typed was difficult.
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2015 on ISIS Just Sort Of Snuck Up On Us... at JustOneMinute
Compare to Philadelphia Eagles fans... the Turks aren't that bad.
refugee list by town, from Chitown Lurker list is not vetted
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2015 on ISIS Just Sort Of Snuck Up On Us... at JustOneMinute
Make then draw a cartoon of mohammed
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2015 on Sad News For Kevin Drum at JustOneMinute