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Great Steve. I am for that. The Saudis are evil like Islam.
Artie, I agree with you.We should have severed ties with them a long time ago.
Just ban the Burka like they did in France and Belgium
The Congolese rioted to two years ago. They vandalized stores at the Porte de Namur in Brussels.
ye Judi it is very sad. I am from Belgium, born and raised there. It is a very small country so the problem is very visible. They should have let the dogs free. Muslims are afraid of dogs. I came back to America 3 years ago to be close to my grand children. They live in the Detroit area. The Muslims are here too but it is less visible. But if the America is not careful they will have the same problem here. Her we have a Muslim president who is trying to implement a Muslim agenda. i cry sometime when I remember Belgium and America without Muslims.
Sony to say but Obama is not only a Muslim sympathizer but a Muslim. We have a Sunni Muslim in the WH.He is also a plant by the Saudis, his masters. That's is why he is arming Al Qaeda in Syria.
Yes this is true. Stay away from them.
They are not idiots but supporters of Islam and all its cronies.They are traitors to humanity.
Pamela, send one of your video so the EDL can show it or do a live speech on line. That would shut them up.
Thank you Pam. You are such a hero.
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2013 on Proud Zionist! at Atlas Shrugs
Obama is on the side of the side of Islam. I know it is hard to believe. It took me a year of reading and studying to connect the dots. And he surrounds himself with pro Islamists
The way this trial is conducted is a great sham for America and its courageous soldiers. hassan is a jihadist and a terrorist murderer.
That's funny Lauren.
Obama wants another Arab spring in Syria. He is a Muslim and wants the Muslim brotherhood to win. Obama wants Al Qaeda to win in Syria and then the same thing, or worse will happen like in Egypt and Libya.A lot of Christians will be killed. Obama and Kerry are also trying to give 4 billions of our tax payers USA dhimmis to the Palestinians and they refused. I wonder why? Could it be that destroying Israel is more important than money for them?
If the UK is smart it will get out of the EU before the Turks get in.
I they let Turkey in the EU it is committing suicide. Bye Bye Europe.
Ask Obama. He is a Muslim and a Muslim lover. he wants to change this country and bring in more BLACKS and Muslims to teach us a lesson.The interesting thing is when they tried to dump the Somalians in African American neighborhood it did not go well.
Obama is purposely white-washing the global Jihad and he is working with the enemy. I read the list of the Muslim brotherhood people who are working in the government. Scary.
Linda I totally agree with you and am truly disgusted.
And it took the 5 hours for the squad team to free this poor man? Unbelievable.
What is terrible about this is that is a mentality engrained in their culture and coming straight from the teaching and deeds of Mohammed. Mohammed killed his last wife's family, raped her and took her as a spouse. There you are.Follow Islam and that's what you get. I distrust Muslims intensely since I have read the Coran and some of the hadits.
God bless Tommy Robinson and protects him and his family.
You are right but they won't do it. They actually contribute to the problem. I can give several examples of this in Belgium where I lived before moving to the USA. These immigrants are PREDATORS. They do not love the country they live in they just want to live of it. They are predators and leeches. They pray on the system and the politician cave in and help them. This is absolutely terrible.Stop the welfare and they will leave.