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Scott Petricig
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Man.. this kills me, because I have been programming since Basic on my Commodore 128d in the late 80's and have degrees in Computer Science and Internet Technologies... yet I still just don't have the amount of intimate coding knowledge or mathematical skills necessary to go out there and just land a programming job. I also don't have the SDLC or general software development "real world" experience, which they seem to even want for entry-level type positions. I would love a programming/development career, but I just don't feel I can cut it. I try to learn what I can but there just never seems to be enough time to learn all the languages and become familiar with coding practices. As soon as I start to learn something, there's another language that's becoming more popular and desired. I just want to create things and solve problems... guess I will just have to continue enjoying some dabbling here and there as a hobby.. just wish I could swap places with someone who has a good programming job and just doesn't want to be there!
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May 4, 2013