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Great - I'm super happy to hear that from someone who has used it! Perfect :)
Toggle Commented yesterday on New Yarn, New Project at SnapShots & WhatNots
I'm so intrigued now by that book that I'll immediately going to go find it in the library - I love reading books that I've never heard of before coming so highly recommended, they usually live up to the hype until other "popular" books!
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I’ve mentioned quite a few times before that I’ve really wanted to knit a sweater using higher quality yarn than the super saver acrylic yarn that I normally buy in JoAnns or Michaels but that I was having trouble committing to spending the money on a project. I went into... Continue reading
Posted 12 hours ago at SnapShots & WhatNots
Finally! Some else who didn't love The Fault in Our Stars....I read it and thought meh, it's ok. It's subject matter is sad of course but it's overdone in the book and when I was finished it put me off reading "hyped up" books...which is bad because I would have missed out on reading The Goldfinch (which is well worth the hype!). So thanks for not making me feel like a cold-hearted robot for not crying and losing it over The Fault in our Stars!
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After scrambling at the last minute to find somewhere to stay for the weekend, our plans were further thwarted when moments before we arrived at the campsite it began lashing rain. We had our pick of campsites along the river, and hastily threw the tent up while getting soaked to... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at SnapShots & WhatNots
Hi Allie, I actually live in South Carolina where the focus is on BBQ and meat! I get what you mean about not banning eating out but the ban is a dual "healthy eating" and "saving money" attempt so I'm seeing it as more of a challenge than a deprivement which is why it's temporary!
It's the little things that seem to make the biggest difference - sometimes thinking about changing too much at once can be so daunting that it easier to just give up and do nothing - little changes is definitely the way to go. Well done and good luck to you too :)
I understand what you mean, when I was first starting out losing weight the results were instant - I worked hard and the weight dropped off so I had a near instant pay off. In contrast it took about 4 months to lose those last 10 I'm prepared for it to not be an immediate effect this time around but if I don't start I for sure won't get the results! I'm sorry you've got terrible stresses right now - I was/am an awful stress eater too so I know how tough it can be me. Hang in there!
In the last few months I’ve noticed that my portion sizes have slowly increased in size, I’ve been snacking on junk more frequently and I’ve greatly decreased the amount of exercise I’ve been doing – the obvious consequence of those changes are….yep, increased numbers on the scale and increased inches... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at SnapShots & WhatNots
It’s time for another adventure this weekend. Funnily enough when I’ve done a few weeks of back to back weekend trips in the past I end up craving a weekend at home relaxing…..well after nearly a month with no trips I’m totally fed up with home and can’t wait to... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at SnapShots & WhatNots
I don't know Elise I've read your blog start to finish and there are some gems of posts way back in the archives!! It's great to see them pop up again :)
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The rainbow quilt is coming together slowly and steadily. This will be my second quilt and I’m really trying to improve my technique as I go along. Overall I’m very pleased with how the first three rows have turned out. They are not perfect by any means but the corners... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at SnapShots & WhatNots
Thanks! I don't think I'll do the same kind of list again this year but I've an idea stirring around to try doing 29 "things" this year. I just don't want to make up goals for the sake of it...if you know what I mean?
I love that idea - really creative and way less work than a formal sit down dinner (especially since my dining room table is so tiny!)
Hello 28! Thanks for making me officially considered a person in their late twenties which sounds like quite a “grown-up” age. Monday is a terrible day for a birthday, unless you’ve got the day off work which unfortunately I don’t. So instead I celebrated my birthday over the weekend, kicking... Continue reading
Posted Jul 14, 2014 at SnapShots & WhatNots
I feel as those these photos pretty accurately sum up what live is like around here at the moment. The weather has been really hot (yay!) but so humid (boo) – honestly it feels like every time I walk outside I’m walking into one of those reptile houses at the... Continue reading
Posted Jul 11, 2014 at SnapShots & WhatNots
Wow World Domination sounds like it's going to be epic! You and Paul will have a blast and don't worry you're going to rock your speech....just be you!
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2014 on adventure bound. at enJOY it by Elise Blaha Cripe
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I will be turning 28 on Monday (how has a year passed already?!) so no better time than now to pull out that list of 28 things to do before I turn 28 and see how many of them I managed to actually do. Crossed out goals are ones I... Continue reading
Posted Jul 10, 2014 at SnapShots & WhatNots
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2014 on The dog ate my knitting! at SnapShots & WhatNots
So many projects - I must resist the urge to cast on more projects or I'd never get my blanket finished! I love the stitch in the photo it looks so textured. PS - yes that bold dog is indeed a cocker spaniel :)
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2014 on yarnalonging.... at woolythyme
Yep he's a cocker - they're so cute but the make up for it with their boldness that's for sure!
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2014 on The dog ate my knitting! at SnapShots & WhatNots
I figured that this blanket was only going to take another week or two to finish and then this happened! If you can’t quite make it out basically the puppy, who is old enough to know better and hasn’t chewed anything in months decided to chew on the knitting so... Continue reading
Posted Jul 9, 2014 at SnapShots & WhatNots
Nope I didn't - they were bought by my boss for our lab meeting that I was presenting at so he sent me home with the spares - they were okay tasting but they turned your mouth a horrific shade of red or blue!
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2014 on 4th of July fun at SnapShots & WhatNots
This is hands-down my favourite cooked-at-home breakfast eggs recipe. As much as I adore going for a lazy brunch on a Sunday morning….I’m not such a big fan of the cost and boy has it been an expensive couple of weeks, first I had to pay my health insurance, then... Continue reading
Posted Jul 8, 2014 at SnapShots & WhatNots
My plans for 4th of July changed at the last minute and I ended up having to throw a small party together at the last minute for our friends. Thank goodness for the Dollar General not only being open on the 4th but also having such great cheap decorations so... Continue reading
Posted Jul 7, 2014 at SnapShots & WhatNots