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I'm not going to lie I was tempted alright - but I'm hoping to make a king size quilt that I know I won't be able to fit through my little sewing machine (or afford to send out for quilting) so I figured I'd test the waters with this lap size one first to see how feasible it would be to hand-quilt, It's feasible but slow for sure!!
Oh that sounds like a fantastic trip you have planned - scoping out the yarn shops is going to be my first step of vacation planning form now on!
Thanks Karen - knowing it looks as pretty as I hoping is the only thing that's keeping me at it!
I know I just couldn't escape the draw of the Hitofude - the yarn shop I went to had even made them all in their knitting group so I even saw one on in person before I committed. I can't wait to wear it!
Before I had even finished knitting my first sweater, which I shared yesterday, I had not only picked out the next sweater pattern but also the yarn that I was going to using. During out trip to Virginia Beach for Labor Day weekend I had only 2 requests – one... Continue reading
Posted 5 hours ago at SnapShots & WhatNots
This sweater knitting project was my favourite one so far – I know I said that the brown cable knit blanket was the knitting project I was the most proud of making and I still stand by that because that was huge undertaking with a pattern that, at the time,... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at SnapShots & WhatNots
Well the wisdom tooth extraction was a little worse than I expected. The top two teeth came out without too much difficulty but the bottom tooth was a stubborn little fecker and required the dentist to cut into my gum and remove a bit of my jaw bone. I’d been... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at SnapShots & WhatNots
I'm happy that you're taking your time with Hitofude because it will give me time to catch up - I plan to cast on this weekend so I'm way way behind!!
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I’ve shared snippets here and there about how I keep making banana muffins over and over again so I figured it was time I finally shared my recipe. I started out with the same one I used for the original banana bread cake but over several batches it’s morphed a... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at SnapShots & WhatNots
This morning I’m breathing a huge sigh of relief; the past week has been uber stressful with everything seeming to happen at once. First up I went to the dentist for the first time in far too long… far too long…and found out that I have to get my wisdom... Continue reading
Posted Sep 9, 2014 at SnapShots & WhatNots
This week I’m very excited to see Friday arrive. It might have been a short week but boy did it feel loooong! I’m looking forward to enjoying a relaxing weekend – well as relaxing weekend as is possible when you have two cocker spaniels running around the house. We are... Continue reading
Posted Sep 5, 2014 at SnapShots & WhatNots
Thanks for the heads-up - i have no idea why that keeps happening but I've fixed it now :)
For the long weekend we hired a car and drove up to Virginia Beach – as usual Kathy was running a race but unusually this time we didn’t bring Boomer. Dogs were not allowed on the beach until after labor day and a weekend trip to a beach town seems... Continue reading
Posted Sep 4, 2014 at SnapShots & WhatNots
I blinked and August disappeared and suddenly September is looming. I didn’t do that great with August’s goals so a couple of them are popping up on September’s list…and that’s ok. Not everything has to get done right now. I didn’t get anything done in August but I had a... Continue reading
Posted Sep 3, 2014 at SnapShots & WhatNots
Without fail! He also tries to "help" me knit which involves him trying to chew the yarn as I'm knitting while trying to sit on my lap at the same time. But yes dogs are awesome :)
This is my first attempt at a sweater and I'm really glad I pushed myself to try it - it's a learning curve but it's a fun curve! You should definitely give it a go and remember the best thing about working with yarn instead of fabric is that if you make a mistake or hate it when it's done you can just unravel and start over or make something else :)
I agree! It was a pretty scary moment as I watched one of the "seams" unravel about 3 rows as the stitches dropped. If I had been doing this a year ago I would have panicked and made a complete mess of least now I was able to go "You complete idiot! Now mix it!" Progress :)
The colour of the yarn is perfect for autumn - it's very pretty! Is this going to be a breather from the more complicated Hitofude?
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2014 on matchy matchy at woolythyme
I thought that knitting a sweater would take forever so I’ve been blown away with how quickly this sweater is growing. Once it got past the sleeve separation portion it finally started to look like a sweater instead of a cowl ……but it started to look like a tiny sweater!... Continue reading
Posted Aug 27, 2014 at SnapShots & WhatNots
You are a bad influence on me(in a good way!)...and of course I've now gonet ahead and bought the Hitofude pattern....and found a yarn shop that sells Madelinetosh yarn that I can visit this weekend....madness! Lets just say I'm loving sweater knitting so far and can't wait to try a lace pattern :)
Toggle Commented Aug 26, 2014 on Hitofude, anyone????? at woolythyme
I’ve found my chocolate cake recipe…the recipe I plan to use for all future chocolate cakes, and pass on to my children because it’s just that good! If you’re a fan of The Great British Bake Off then I’m sure you’re heard of Mary Berry and her delicious recipes for... Continue reading
Posted Aug 25, 2014 at SnapShots & WhatNots
Thanks're so nice :)
I couldn't help but grin at this - thanks for being my cheerleader!! :)
Fantastic! Lifestyle changes are definitely the say to go - personally I see WW as a lifestyle change rather than a diet, I just no longer attend meetings but I still follow the guidelines. It's all about finding what works for you and clearly what you're doing is working :)
I kinda knew when I got to goal that the hardest part was going to be staying there but I still think I underestimated how hard it would be. 80/20 is pretty much the way I used to go WW but I think over the last few months I slipped back to doing 50/50 (or sometimes even worse). I think I have to remember that I'll always be someone who struggles with their weight because otherwise I would never have eaten my way into being overweight in the first place