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Lauralee Saad
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LOVE your coffee cup. Would love to try 9 rounds... maybe one day when my babies are bigger. I miss my aerobic kickboxing...
Our Bosch refrigerator. It's a piece of junk. We were trying to find a good *Made in America* appliance that would last longer than the ones at the box stores. We sent the first one back as a lemon. The replacement still won't make ice in the ice maker, but it will freeze our produce in the refrigerator. AAAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!! The other thing is the B Agile stroller from Britax. It's just not worth the money they charge, AND it comes with ZERO accessories. REALLY? You couldn't throw in a cup holder or even the kiddie tray? :/
Oh, strawberry ice cream is the best. I am hoping to get some local strawberries this weekend before it gets too hot. My dd wants to learn to make jelly and enter it in the state fair this fall... hmmmm.
I actually asked for a nap for Mother's Day. We will see if it happens. {sigh} You are a productive, loving mom who is an awesome blogger. I love stopping by daily to see what's happening in your house. Don't feel bad; don't feel guilty. As a priest told me once when I was feeling guilty for missing Mass because I was sick, "God made you sick for a reason. He knows what is best and you should be PRAISING God that He knew you needed rest." I always try to remember that God knows exactly what we need and that He always in His Great Providence gives us a silver lining in all of our troubles.
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May 10, 2013