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Simon Barraclough
London, UK
Poet, writer, Italophile, cinephile, fledgling trumpeter
Recent Activity
A couple of years ago, after reading some Eliot and watching some Jacques Tati, I thought it would be a smashing idea to write a parodic blend of the two and it started thus: The Hulot Men Mistah Hulot—lui mort. We are the Hulot men We are the French men Smoking together Pipe bowls filled with straw. but it didn't get much further, thankfully. But another entanglement of poetry and Tati has come together in this image of Monsieur Hulot's brother-in-law's swanky new car in Mon Oncle: for the cover of Heather Phillipson's new book is inspired by this vehicle.... Continue reading
Posted May 10, 2013 at The Best American Poetry
"Why are there beings at all instead of nothing?" That is the question. Yes, Heidegger, that's a pretty good originary question. I might go further back and ask why is there matter at all? But an originary question one gets asked a lot is "What first got you into poetry?" and variations thereof. I had two 'big bangs' or inflations, or 'mini-bangs'. One courtesy of Auden when I was about 13 but one much earlier, when I was about seven years old, courtesy of Miss Campbell and Beowulf. Ah, Miss Campbell, exotic and intoxicating on so many levels: a substitute... Continue reading
Posted May 9, 2013 at The Best American Poetry
There's only one reason to go to Piccadilly Circus: to visit Waterstones' magnificent flagship store. Okay, the cocktails at The Criterion are good also. Plus the ICA is nearby. Oh, and it's not far from Cicchetti's either. But remember that this part of London recently replaced the Swiss Centre cinema with M&M's World. I don't really even know what that is. I know that the vicinity smells of sickly sweet chocolate and the edifice pummels the retina with primary colours but I tend to scurry on by. Anyway, I went to Waterstones last night to see Kathryn Maris, Katha Pollitt... Continue reading
Posted May 8, 2013 at The Best American Poetry
Yesterday was a Bank Holiday in the UK. This is a day we occasionally grant to our banks so that they can take a breather from refusing to lend to businesses, insisting on unnecessary payment protection schemes, finding ways to turn public bailout money into private bonuses, and so on. They need to replenish their batteries. And the rest of us need to go have lunch in cafés attached to museums and galleries. For a freelancer, depending on one's success or commitment, either every day is a Bank Holiday or Bank Holidays remain something that only other people enjoy. I... Continue reading
Posted May 7, 2013 at The Best American Poetry
Huffy Henry blogged the day (Berryman) I used to write a blog, five years ago, called Fallout. After a year or so, we fell out. Comes over one an absolute necessity to blog (D.H. Lawrence) I have a new blog called Mo’ Worse Blues but so far has only one entry announcing that more entries will follow soon. That’s been up for about a month. I will attend to it soon, I will. For a long time I used to blog early (Proust) But it will have to wait till after my vacation here; my week away in a blog... Continue reading
Posted May 6, 2013 at The Best American Poetry
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May 4, 2013