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Heh. Thanks, folks. Wendy is Irish on her father's side and good old hillbilly mix on her mother's side, English, Scots-Irish and Cherokee. Blue-eyed brunette. Living doll. Loyal. Stable. "Low-maintenance". Used to eating fish and game. Eager to start making her own Alaska sushi! This is a good catch that I need to carefully, but rapidly, reel in.
ARRRGGGHHHHHHH! "younger than I am"
My former girlfriend is nineteen years than I am, and she chewed me out for saying that I was too old for her.
Just so no one freaks out, I meant that my new girlfriend is 23 years YOUNGER, not that that is her age! I just turned 64, and she's approaching 41.
Since some have asked about my Alaska project, I'm still stuck in Minnesota, waiting for my cousin to cash me out for my investments in his companies and intermittent work over the last five years. I'm hoping to be able to buy my nice chunk of that little island before June is out and start the move. The owner of the 76 acres/quarter-mile of seashore is the local meth cook/dealer and with any luck the State Patrol will arrest him soon, and I might get a great deal as he desperately tries to raise legal defense funds! My girlfriend from Oregon dumped me, and I was again facing lonely exile, but I have a new (conservative) Tennessee nurse girlfriend who is eager to build a new life with me in Alaska. I have likely "traded up", since this one is also pretty, but even younger (23 years) and, unlike the last one, definitely didn't vote for Obama once, much less twice! I'll post a notification here when I've made the land purchase, and those of the JOMO Tribe who are my Facebook friends will see it there. My FB friends should feel free to share my Alaska photos to any who are curious. I hope to have Flawed Mark's Island in operation ahead of the vaunted and much anticipated St. Jane's Island.
TK, thanks. H&R, I also await a linkage between the quake in Nepal and the curiously hidden global warming. Off to the VAMC Minneapolis. Perhaps I can bribe a doctor to hold Cousin Tom for a couple more days?
Thanks for the birthday greetings, everyone! Jane alerted me. I'm off to the VA hospital in a few minutes to pick up my invalid cousin. I thought that they were going to keep him until Monday, so I could go out and enjoy myself, but.... Cousin Tom will probably be on the phone with his wife, whose cousin and family live in Nepal. They have long been involved in the Lutheran missions there. I'm hoping that their lives haven't been too disordered by the big quake. It's really a small world. We Lutherans tend not to name our children for the saint whose feast day they pop out nearest to. My parents settled on my name months before I was born, and I arrived three weeks overdue (late as usual!) on the Feast Day of St. Mark! It's on my bucket list to spend a birthday at Venice, where the whole city goes nuts over the feast day of their patron saint. Bruce Jenner a conservative Republican? I'm a lifelong teetotaler, but that just might get me to drink myself into a stupor tonight. Carry on, old friends!
Lazybusy, if you are on Facebook, I'm the only one there by this name, and you can send me a PM. Or e-mail me at . I'm spinning my wheels in Eagan, just half a block west of I-35E and a couple of blocks north of Yankee Doodle Road. I'll be moving to the south end of the panhandle, west of Ketchikan, on the middle of the west coast of Prince of Wales Island. Perhaps we could meet for coffee?
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TK, Jane, Iggy, Narciso, thanks. Once I get my place up and running, we have to arrange JOMO Tribal Gatherings there. No danger of coconuts falling off the palm trees and conking you on the noggin, as there will be at St. Jane's Island! And TK, no damned mention of where anyone was born at the gatherings, unless we are comparing notes of our own personal origins, okay? I can hardly wait for my move to take place. Here just south of St. Paul, we've already had three periods this winter that were colder than the record low for Prince of Wales Island. My friends in Alaska are wondering why I haven't arrived yet. Arghhhhh! It will be nice.
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I haven't had a normal routine for more than a year. I miss you folks. Happy New Year to all. With any luck, I'll be back to adding my own comments by spring, even though I may well be getting started with Flawed Mark's Island in Alaska by then, the "cool" alternative to St. Jane's Island!
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Well said, Iggy!
CH, will the rest of Ohio firm up? I'm praying that no mortal damage is done before we can regain the presidency and the Senate. Matt, if I partially chicken out on my Alaska plans and buy a pre-existing home outside of Craig, with the advantages of no RE tax, grid power, landline phone, cable TV and, within a few months, upgrade of the cable to allow for broadband internet, the rate for that electricity will be substantially lower than the national average. It is generated by a hydroelectric installation above falls that are impassible to spawning salmon, thus not an environmental headache, and since the power grid on Prince of Wales Island does not tie into Ketchikan or any other island, the rate will not go up because Alaska Power & Telephone can't sell "surplus" power to other utilities hard-pressed to replace their coal plants. Nice. But whether I take the coward's way or go ahead with my off-grid small island plans, my place will be available for JOMO Tribe gatherings, and I could host refugees from Warmista strongholds as they make their own resettlement plans!
Iggie, we don't make an effort to meet people we haven't already formed an affinity for online. So it's unlikely to see the negative report you imagine, unless you want to meet Dana or DuDa. I don't give out bullshit reports.
Porchlight's only other in-person meeting with a member of the JOMO Tribe was with Hit&Run. He was apparently on his best behavior, without a safety pin in his nose, and she found him absolutely delightful. I've had the distinct pleasure of also meeting DrJ, ManTran and a couple of others. Beautiful experiences, all.
I spent more than an hour chatting with porchlight at my local Caribou Coffee. It was time well spent. She's an absolutely lovely young woman, in every respect. My only disappointment was that Claude and the kids slept in at her parents' home and didn't make it. So, yet another member of the JOMO tribe met in person, and they are all gems so far. We need more meetings like this.
Well, I'm far behind on the threads again. But I wanted to chime in with something from Facebook. The leftists are posting something alleged to be from Michele Bachmann's last campaign, a poster/ad. They were in full foaming-at-the-mouth mode over one share of it, by a friend of a friend. I tried to set them straight by pointing out that the two groups mentioned at the bottom of the picture were leftist and gay-friendly spoof sites, and that it was a total fake. The response so far was to say so what, she's a loon anyway, and I'm dumber than a box of rocks to support her. How can one argue with such stellar intellect? I came to that fake Bachmann item through a Hollyweird type who just blocked Charlie Martin after he tried to cut through some of her vicious anti-conservative rants with a bit of reason. Also last night, this woman shared a photo of Ted Nugent carrying a lynx he killed, and the fur really flew (pun intended). Two of her Hollywood buddies, airhead liberal actresses, Candy Clark and Season Hubley chimed in with denunciations. No intellectual discourse, merely emotional clap-trap. I made the mistake of telling this FB friend that I'd have to be sure that she didn't arrive at my future Alaska home at the same time as Ted Nugent and Dick Cheney. Ooh, big mistake. No sense of humor.
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Ignatz, I lost my promised promotion to a rather young and flippant Mexican who had been amnestied. And before that happened, I had to cancel my vacations several times, because his last-minute demands for "family trips" back to Mexico took precedence over the vacations I'd reserved time for a year before.
Darn, I haven't caught the opening of a new thread in a long time. Now if I can only find the time to keep up with a few of the threads. Of course student debt is mushrooming. Far too many people are going to college these days, the schools are being lavish with their spending and hardly any courses have merit.
Eastern Canada, they soil their panties when they hear "Canuck". In Western Canada, they brag about being "Canucks". Heck, I've got two batches of Canadian cousins, and I've witnessed two sisters argue with great passion over "Canuck". One has lived almost all of her life in British Columbia, and the other almost all of her life in Quebec and Newfoundland.
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Heh. Right, daddy.
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Hello, TK, I got out of the habit of following the threads when I couldn't post. That problem was solved, but other things have kept me busy. Plus, I've encountered a few blockheads on Facebook who are as entertaining as DuDa, so I've been entertained somewhat there.
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Whew. Now that I've got a few things off my chest, I'm going to try to catch up on at least this thread. A few things have gone right, including for Justine Pelletier and her family. Thanks to all of those of the JOMO Tribe who rallied to her defense!
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Redskins offends Native Peoples? Hell, the lousy recent seasons and the inauthentic horned helmets of the Minnesota Vikings offend me, a full-blooded Norwegian-American. I demand reparations!
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Charlie (Colorado) and I have a mutual Facebook friend who is a Hollywood liberal. She has a good heart, but is prone to go off on rants and tangents. She posted a bogus claim that Sen. Cruz had appeared on Hannity on Monday evening and had launched into a racist and disjointed tirade involving Obama. Total fraud. I watched the show, and the senator was not even a guest. I pointed that out, and she believed me, but one of her hot-headed friends, a Clay Grossman from NE Illinois University in Chicago, went off the rails so badly that he was issuing death threats against me in particular and conservatives in general. She tried to calm him down and get him to retract via PM, but he got so nasty with her that she pulled down the entire thread and permanently blocked the guy. And THEY say that WE are the "h8ters".
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