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Jaddy Baddy
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Sooner or later, the terrorists are gonna realize that you don't need an atomic bomb or a pressure cooker bomb to bring America to a screeching halt. A flat tire, at the right time and the right place on I 10, the 405 and a couple of other major arteries leading into San Diego and LA, will pretty much bring all of California to a complete stop. in fact, it wouldn't take much more than six or seven junkers to break down at a given time on a given day to bring any, hell, Every major city in the U.S. to a complete stand still. You can hit any of a thousand bridges in the right spot with a semi, and send it crashing into a river. Send enough patients to an emergency room and you can shut down any hospital in America. Forget giving your terrorist a box knife, a running alarm clock in ten passengers' carryons, and the backup at security, alone, can shut down an airport. We can't educate our children, we can't repair our highways, or put storm shelters in schools, hell, we're laying off air traffic controllers because we can't pay the bills on time, And the major topic in Washington is: How do we make it Easier for More people to get into the country. The theory is, that, since there ain't Nobody, already here, who can solve these problems, at least One of the next 300,000,000 immigrants, will. You can cure ignorance with education, but stupid goes straight to the bone, and Democrats is bone deep in stupid. The atomic bomb ain't going to destroy America, Terrorism ain't going to destroy America, but dumbass Democrat stupidity, will. The only discussion we should be having about immigration, is how to stop it.
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May 7, 2013