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I find Putin's invocation of R2P for eastern Ukraine to be heartwarming. There's just nothing which says "true progressive" more than willingness to use as much force as necessary to protect a threatened minority from continued oppression. I wonder when delivery of kinetic humanitarian aid will begin?
"2. proglodytus lackwittikus a bottom feeding, sub-sentient alimentary canal." Of the Platyhelminth phylum and Cestoidea class. The species is distinguishable from the common tapeworm by its inability to respond to stimulation of its sole synapse.
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The new liar question in the Fox opinion poll sets up a line of questioning which could be very effective with Red Witch and Faucahontas. 1. Recent public polling indicates 81% of Americans believe President Obama lies to the country about important matters at least now and then. Do you believe Hillary Clinton would lie to the country about important matters: a) About the same as President Obama. b) More than President Obama. c) Less than President Obama. Do you believe Elizabeth Warren would lie to the country about important matters: a) About the same as President Obama. b) More than President Obama. c) Less than President Obama. The question can be used on GOP candidates as well but the important thing is to have the leader of the Fascist party set the standard for lying.
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CH, I'm very sorry to hear of the loss of Maggie.
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"Evidence, please?" Daddy, You have to consider the effort required to reset Kiev 2014 to Budapest 1956.
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"So Bloomie's on his own when he will be judged." He won't be lonely and there will always be a spot very near the hearth for him.
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Ignatz, We need to come up with a simile incorporating the life style of anaerobic bacteria working through the solids at the bottom of a septic tank and the common attributes of pit vipers and/or scorpions. Pigs just don't deserve the vituperation via vile comparison using similes.
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NK, What in the world do you have against pigs? It's true they can endure living in filth but they do not spend their lives creating and seeking filth and do not deserve to be used as the comparative in this instance. Pit vipers and scorpions would more closely fit the Bill - or his Red Witch.
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Ignatz, Bloomie might want to review the penalties in Leviticus before cheering himself up with Ephesians. He should probably hope the paperwork gets lost.
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"I imagine they will still be assessing the data on Election Day." Alternatively, enumerated data could be acquired from NAIC based upon reports which, by statute, insurers must file. The data would not have the aura imparted by the use of sophisticated computer modeling but it might be of some use due to its reflection of reality.
GMax, I'd argue that Abortion Barbie's 41% support level among women (37% overall) is of greater import than stunned Gullibles staggering over to Independent status until the marks left by the frozen flounder of reality heal. They might cast a dope vote for Rand Paul (L, Area 51), but I can't quite see them on the Wild for Walker team nor can I see them showing enthusiasm should our Top Men succeed in ramming another Sir Goldilocks down our throats. It's going to take a few more cycles to actually break the peck and drool conditioning.
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...makes the staples of life unaffordable" Some might point to today's CPI Report, reflecting a 16% increase in NG which drives the 5% increase in electricity costs in order to subsidize SkyDragon totem construction and maintenance as evidence sustaining the assertion of unaffordability and immiseration caused by government intervention based upon pure fantasy. OTOH - a person in a permanent vegetative state with a progressive view would point to the bird blenders and tortoise fryers as evidence of man's inherent stupidty ability to resolve nonexistent important issues.
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"I cannot understand how we came to have so many bad people in our nation." Miss Marple, RSE wrote a book about that. We don't have any more bad people now than we ever have. The distribution of morality doesn't vary any more than does the distribution of intelligence. The Gullibles who voted for BOzo twice are neither dumber nor worse than the Not So Greatest Generation which demonstrated both its lack of morality and its lack of intelligence by making FDR President For Life, giving him the same status as Stalin and Mussolini and Hitler (but not Churchill). Gramsci did an excellent job in describing how to spread progressive cancer through a society and the illusion of the existence of more "bad" people just demonstrates the effectiveness of his method of helping scum float to the top. It's certainly not irreversible, even if living through the grinding reality of the OPM Famine is going to be unpleasant until it destroys the fantasy.
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AliceH, It's interesting to note the speed with which the SSA moved when discovered in contrast to the tortoise like behavior of Burwell as her decision to close off public monuments began to receive its earned obloquy. I'm looking forward to learning where the responsibility lies for inserting the debt servitude language in the farm bill.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Saddling Up The Comeback Pony at JustOneMinute
Rich, Have you noticed how the jabber about the "madness" of the Repoman has dies down as quickly as the hollow threats on sanctions? The Buffoon in Chief appears to have misplaced his pen and phone.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Saddling Up The Comeback Pony at JustOneMinute
NK, Stating a potential political benefit from catering to the cretinous swing voters by calling it a societal benefit sinks to the level of the Democrat dishonesty which is bankrupting the country. Subsidizing poor choices begets more poor choices and we have eighty years of proof backed by 17 trillion objective facts to substantiate the observation.
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"The effect of enabling previously uninsurable to obtain insurance is a social positive." Is it Unsubstantiated Maudlin Declaration Day again? Will the subtle aroma of the blend of hogwash and horseshit permeate the rest of the threads? When has subsidizing dangerously foolish behavior ever proven to be a "social positive"?
Toggle Commented 3 days ago on Sunday Evening at JustOneMinute
"I think the data are held by the insurers, whose records can be subpoenaed." DoT, WellPoint, the largest health insurer with just under 36 million lives covered last March 31, will publish YoY comparisons in its first quarter 10Q, due in about 10 days.The House should convene a hearing, call insurance execs, and get SarBox quality data on record ASAP.
IMF Dying In OPM Famine Gosh, what a shame. Just when we were within sight of Rainbow Utopia and everlasting Whirled Peas.
"still trying to figure out what Rubin is seeing that I'm missing." Rich, You'd have to do a careful review of the tape of her latest colonoscopy to figure that one out. --------------- Clarice, We now know that Burwell is charged with trying Emanuel Goldstein WellPoint for treason in its betrayal of 404Care, using reality as its nefarious means. I believe GOP Senators publicizing their questions prior to the start of the circus would be helpful in keeping responsibility where it belongs. They can easily work the Obama/Fascist lies used in the sales pitch into their questions.
Is there any reason why GOP Senators should not release a list of questions for Burwell prior to the circus? It would make a nice change in the Kabuki presentation and the Senators could certainly gain as much notoriety with a well worded and publicized question being published as they do with their mumbling blather lead ups which just don't have the seltzer down the pants spontaneity necessary to please crowds.
Peter, Read today's Pieces again and impute your estimate of the average IQ of each component of the coalition in order to understand the very rational use of the RACISM!!! dog whistle for blacks and FREE!!! cow bell for the Lackitz Sisters. The unions are on their own and they know it. The Walker recall exposed the weakness of their "power".
Beasts, House, maybe, in the Senate there are several he might easily outsmart. Patty Murray fits in somewhere between rock and house plant on the IQ scale and she and Boxer could sing Dimwit Duets any day.
Bloomberg lays out Burwell's task. Her mission is to destroy WellPoint for having the audacity to set premia according to reality rather than Fascist fantasy. Remember, WellPoint is BluGovIns and has poisoned pools encompassing the largest HIV/AIDS clusters where coverage for pre-existing conditions will have the greatest negative impact on loss ratios. Burwell's argument will be that the "last minute surge" is chock full of healthy young Gullibles and WellPoint should incorporate fantasy guesses as to their health status to reduce premia increase requests. It will be interesting to see if she's man enough to sustain the fantasy through misinformation and lying.
"how many lessons, does it take to be familiar enough with golf, for a beginner," Narciso, Windansea could probably give you an answer after the first lesson. It depends upon your natural ability, level of hand eye coordination, muscle memory and ability to grasp fundamentals. If you want to give it a try, I'd recommend letting the teaching pro sell you a set of used clubs of proper length after using them in the first lesson. There are many ways in which a beginner can frustrate himself by starting without a lesson and a teaching pro can make the initial process rather short if you have some natural skill.