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east coast
white bra, black heart.
Interests: skipping rope, blowing town, art crimes, self destructive juvenile delinquency, gazing at abstract paintings while listening to Pink Floyd.
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in the future, pop culture and high culture will collide, rendering a few of your minor points obsolete... but i basically agree with you. so you're saying your wife doesn't 'get you' as an artist? she wants the breadwinner instead of the soul man? ahhhhh!! why did you marry her? clearly, CLEARLY, she doesn't really even know you.... whatever.
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great. likewise. i love when people have a strong hatred of my work. tibor kalman said-- people need to either love or hate your work, otherwise it's all too safe and mediocre.
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Jun 1, 2013
No. Shep is rich, and should have paid for the photo he used. it's actually a small sum. Shep is a weasel and knew the press attention about this matter would be worth whatever penalty. ever wonder what would happen if Shep ever conveyed an original, authentically rebellious idea? his style is so tight, i forgive him, but he is also a disappointing cop out.
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haha-- i just looked at your link, and it's the same stupid Vice piece that i rolled my eyes at months ago. the artist featured, Tracy Emin, is a badass. stupid blogger cherry picks work out of context, and makes all dudes look bad by castigating a female for making work about... being a female. *shock* how dare she? if you look at the blogger's bio, you see he is an unsuccessful art school grad, that thought being an artist was about going to hip Vice parties. he probably got paid 150 bucks for an article that took a week to write, ending with him crying in a closet. i wish i could hug the guy, but he'd never go for a chick like me.
i used to think it was ridiculously insane that people don't 'get' art. there's a regular column on the hipster blog 'Vice' about not getting art. it basically exists to castigate females for daring to make things, but i digress-- hating/not getting art is cool to about 88% of the population. I agree with you, art is messy, disorganized, painful and inexplicable. real deal artists make art because they are born knowing nothing else, and this clearly sucks. it's why so many of them off themselves or become self hating drug addicts without knowing why. they float around like balloons in a shanty town, too broke to fight the wind. there's a great Frank O' Hara poem that ends like this: ...a painter too drunk to fight off a mugging or a poet startled by the insight that starts as a kiss and follows as a curse... anyways, after over 30 years of not understanding why... 30 years of bitterness towards humanity, 30 years of not getting laid because i'm too intense and weird and because men apparently prefer their women jaded, ironically hip and indifferent to life, not freaking out insomnia spray painting on walls... well, after over 30 years of supreme guilt because i'm doing something 'selfish' like finger painting, instead of doing something 'heroic', like breeding kids... after 30 years, i find myself feeling sort of OK about it all. because personally, you give up on the stupid reasons you made art as a kid. visions of fame, money, influence, glamorous NYC coke parties-- all that falls away, because even if it's attained, it's impermanent. all that's left are the really important things. the meaningful ideas that won't leave you alone. so you poke those ideas onto the end of a stick, and shakily hold them up to the world. and you know what? most of the time, you'll find that at least one person get it. they truely get it-- and they've been thinking the same thing feeling pretty crazy and alone with that thought. that one person is all that matters, you just have to have the balls to put yourself out there. if you travel around the world enough, you eventually meet yourself-- and that crystalline moment makes everything worth it. ahhhhh-- i digress. this whole thing is supposed to be about why the general public doesn't get art, not why we make art. here's my most academic explanation, because basically dude-- i disagree with the 'revolution' comparison. whenever someone tells me they don't get it-- i just smile and feel secret relief. because the whole concept of culture and high art would not work if everyone got it. if that happened, art would be on sale for 50% off at Macys. art is a secret club, that only a few rich people have access to. this is how it becomes valuable, and select artists are able to have careers. i'm not an elitist douchebag-- the cool thing is that we precious few have access to it and sometimes get to make it. if you spend your whole life doing it, i promise that you'll see yourself get better at it... screw it-- people don't get art?? well i don't get marriage vows, home ownership and breeding. people exalt child rearing as if they're discovering penicillin, when really it's what everyone has only ever done throughout history. when i was a kid i was mostly inspired by lonely artists that led sad, misunderstood lives.... blahblahrantrant :) thanks for posting.
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Jun 1, 2013