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Husband. Wife. Partner. Significant Other. Sig-O. Better Half. The list goes on...Before applying to UCLA, I was a little concerned about going back to school with a wife and new baby. I had heard the misconception that most MBA students were single and that I would be the part of a very small minority of students with families or significant others. I was worried that one of two things would happen--I would either end up diving too deep into the MBA social scene and lose out on "family time" or I would overcompensate for being gone so often that I would miss out on the MBA experience. Fortunately, that isn't the case at UCLA Anderson. 15 years ago, only about 25% of incoming MBA students had spouses/families. Now, the number is reaching 40% or higher at some schools. This makes sense, since the average pre-MBA work experience each student is around 5 years, making the average student age 27-28. In response to this growing trend, UCLA Anderson, and many schools for that matter, have created well-organized programs/clubs aimed at the significant others of the MBA student. At UCLA, we have the following resources to involve our families in the program. Believe me, if they want to be busy and involved, there are plenty of activities to choose from! "Joint Ventures Club: The UCLA Anderson Joint Ventures club aims to encourage the integration of spouses, partners, fiancées, and significant others into the UCLA Anderson Community. The club organizes social events to... Continue reading
Posted Aug 13, 2013 at The MBA Student Voice
The original title of my blog post was going to be "5 Application Fallacies That I Straight Up Debunk Cuz That's How We Roll at Anderson", but the more conservative "me" took hold and I went with the plain vanilla title. There is a latin phrase "res ipsa loquitur" which means "the thing speaks for itself." This blog post hopefully does just that and helps all of you out there to approach your applications with correct expectations. 1. If I don't get a 700 on the GMAT I have no chance and should lock myself in a dark, damp closet as punishment. Have you ever seen those "Keep Calm and..." signs? They should make one that says "Keep Calm and Be Happy with Your 690." Let me qualify this. If you have taken the GMAT multiple times and you max out in the 670-690 range, calm down and realize that the GMAT is but one of many measurements the admissions committee takes into consideration when evaluating your candidacy. Here is some basic information about how the adcom looks at the GMAT. The more balanced the score, the better. If you have to be better off in one section, be better in quant. Why? They want to make sure you don't have a nervous breakdown when you dive into the very quantitative courseload. If you only take the GMAT once and your high score is 670, take it again. The adcom will appreciate that you attempted improving your score, even if... Continue reading
Posted Aug 6, 2013 at The MBA Student Voice
You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension: a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into... the Twilight Zone Buzz's Zone. What is Buzz's Zone you ask? Well, read on! The decision to get an MBA is a difficult one. There are costs/benefits, pros/cons, ups/downs, apps/GMAT (even mentioning that invokes the most righteous contempt). For both admits and my beloved future applicant audience out there I wanted to explain my path to business school and, more particularly, why I chose UCLA Anderson. It all started when I was in fifth grade and I...wait--just kidding! You thought you were going to get this boring life story rife with cheesy sentimental anecdotes that culminated in me arriving at b-school. Allow me to spare you the snooze story of my youth and jump right into what counts! In my undergrad program at BYU one of my finance professors asked the class participants to raise their hands if they were planning on business school. Probably 85% raised their hand. He curtly stated, "about 10% of those that raised their hands will actually end up following through on that goal." My pride was hurt and I thought to myself "wait until I get to b-school, then I'm going to send a look-at-me-now email to this professor to show him that I made it." Well, I forgot... Continue reading
Posted Jul 29, 2013 at The MBA Student Voice
Hey people! Whether you are trekking through a jungle in Asia, packing your moving truck, or sitting at work (still??? I applaud you!), I hope you find yourself getting more excited for the MBA journey to begin! We all have long lists of "things-to-do" and I don't want anyone of us to miss anything important. I've compiled a list of 10 unobvious things we can do before school starts to make the transition smoother. Enjoy!!! 1) REST!!! It sounds weird, right? We don't need no sleep! We're still young! Although it's true, you definitely may want to consider building up those energy reserves for the onslaught of orientation, first quarter classes, and endless meet-and-greets. Come to school fresh and only burn the candle at both ends a few nights a week. You don't want to end up like this... 2) Read some fiction--if you're like me you checked out 10 MBA related books to read over the summer (and you've only read, uh, one). Read for fun! You'll have plenty of assigned reading on management-related material once school starts. Pick your poison--saucy romance novels or spacy sci-fi. There, now doesn't that look nice? 3) Don't procrastinate on your housing situation. Try to plan on moving into your apartment at least five days before orientation. There is something to be said about starting on the right foot instead of playing hopscotch over boxes on your way out the door. Last minute moving has a way of making you feel "scattered." So... Continue reading
Posted Jul 23, 2013 at The MBA Student Voice
Anderprom. Orientation Rope Course and "trust" falls. That first Anderson pool party. These are a few reasons to get fit while at school. Fortunately, LA provides a wealth of opportunities to shred that adipose tissue and firm up those abs. Below are some of my favorite things to do in the area! UCLA John Wooden Center John Wooden Center Website This is the most logical, full service gym that most of us will use during school. Complete with weights, olympic platforms, every cardio machine you could imagine, and three spick'n'span full length basketball courts, this is the spot! Millions of hot pockets and In'N'Out burger calories have been burned in these hallowed halls. Before school starts you can get a summer pass for just $50 if you show your Bruincard. During school the admission fee is embedded in your tuition. Santa Monica Stairs Santa Monica Stairs on Yelp! Need some endorphins to get you through finals? Located just off San Vicente and 4th Street in Brentwood are the Santa Monica Stairs. There are two sets of stairs (one with wooden steps and the other with concrete) separated by about 80-100 yards. You go, you run up and down and around, you sweat, and repeat if you dare. I bet an average person can do about 3-4 revolutions without stopping. Great for building the legs and burning fat. If you're feeling extra motivated there is a telephone pole with a steel bar that can function as a pull-up bar at the... Continue reading
Posted Jul 15, 2013 at The MBA Student Voice
Sure we all joke about taking a vow of poverty by returning to graduate school, but let's be honest--most of us will have a bit of coin to spend on some good eats that will satiate even the most finicky foodie. Although up for debate (a debate I will strategically avoid in this post), Los Angeles is without a doubt one of the most recognized cities in the world for diverse, delectable, and delicious cuisine. So, for your viewing pleasure, let's dive in to my top 10 eateries in the LA area!!! Take copious notes. #1 800 Degrees Pizzeria - $$ 10889 Lindbrook Dr. You will probably eat here more times than you can count during your time at UCLA if you're a pizza lover. New Yorkers and Chicagoans, calm down--we know your pizza is awesome, but we can represent on the West Coast as well! This place is like the Chipotle of pizza joints. You walk in, select a pizza base (marinara/pesto, cheese/no cheese), then it's $1 for each additional topping. As a meat lover, I go with ham, bacon, and meatballs (cholesterol issues?). But whatever you get, your stomach will be thanking you. Don't forget to use their fancy soda machine--it can crank out hundreds of variations of soda: vanilla Coke, raspberry Sprite, lime Seagram's, and on and on... #2 Father's Office - $$ Santa Monica Address: 1018 Montana Ave. Venice Address: 3229 Helms Ave. Upscale burger pub. Can't go wrong. This place only serves one kind of... Continue reading
Posted Jul 8, 2013 at The MBA Student Voice
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